Born16 October 1964
GangCarl Johnson's heist group
Voice ActorDavid Cross


[edit] About

Zero is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, who owns his own RC shop in San Fierro. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the only game in the series Zero appears in. He helps Carl Johnson break the bank in Caligula's and Carl helps Zero defeat his longtime rival and RC enthusiast, Berkley. Zero also provides technical help in Zeroing In for Carl's car shop, Wang Cars, by tracking a car using the radio signals from the car owner's mobile phone, which she uses frequently. In Breaking The Bank At Caligula's, Zero helps switch off the lights, so nobody could see Carl rob the bank. Unfortunately, Berkley allies himself with the casino and switches the lights back on. Before the mission had started, Zero had been bragging about it to Berkley, nearly blowing the mission.

[edit] Missions done for Zero

[edit] Zero's RC Shop (asset missions)

Carl recieves a call from Zero telling him that Carl can buy Zero's RC shop and become Zero's landlord. His RC shop is where the next three missions can be undertaken so Zero's RC shop starts producing money for Carl to collect every once in a while. At first, Carl wanted to use violence on Berkley to stop him, but Zero told Carl not to. Instead, both try to take down Berkley and his RC business as an alternative. Unlike Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Zero's asset missions do not have to be done to complete the main storyline for the game, but is needed for 100% Completion.

[edit] Air raid

Carl and Zero protects Zero's transmitters from Berkley's aeroplanes, which are dropping bombs onto the transmitters. If all of the transmitters are destroyed, Zero cannot lauch a counter-attack against Berkley.

[edit] Supply Lines...

In Supply lines, Zero is found by Carl hung by the underwear by Berkley. Carl then encourages Zero to take revenge on Berkley, by destroying 5 vehicles used by Berkley for his mail-order business. There is a limited amount of gas for use. If all of the gas runs out, mission failed. Berkley has also armed the couriers with guns as a precaution.

[edit] New Model Army

Zero's RC Shop.jpg

In New Model Army, Zero and Carl finally take on Berkley in an RC war. The concept is simple. Zero drives an RC car from his base to inside Berkley's base to win. Unfortunately, Berkley has armed himself with RC tanks and his own RC helicopter. There are also things Carl's RC helicopter needs to take out of the way or oterwise needs to do for Zero to progress through the field to Berkley's base, such as Carl needing to build bridges for Zero to get over rivers, take out Berkley's tanks using bombs and getting barrels out of the way.

After completion, a note should appear, as shown.

[edit] Other non-asset missions involving Zero

[edit] Zeroing In

Zero is helping Carl with his car business, called Wang Cars, to sell to private dealers. The first car on the list is being tracked by Zero, who has given a device to Carl to track a car needed. It is being tracked by the radio waves produced by the mobile phone as the owner makes a call, which conveniently for Carl, is frequent. On the radar, the car dot is constantly appearing and disappearing. If Carl arrives to a dot too late, the mission is failed because the cars trail has gone cold.

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