Yusuf Amir

NameYusuf Amir
BornApril 15, 1972
BirthplaceDubai, United Arabic Emirates
HomeAlqonquin, Liberty City
FamilyAbdul Amir (Father)

Yusuf Amir is a character who is appeared in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony and mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a bussinessman, an nightclub owner with Luis Lopez and a billionaire. He is also one of the richest people in Liberty City.

He voiced by Omid Djalili, who he is a comedian from Great Britain and Iran.


[edit] Yusuf's Life

[edit] Personality

Yusuf was born on April 15th, 1972, in Dubai, UAE (United Arabic Emirates), and his father's name is Abdul Amir. His father is a real estate developer and this is the only person who we knows from the family of Yusuf's. His father knows about Yusuf's life because he said in the mission Caught Your Pants Down as "reckless orgy of sex, drugs and spending money". Yusuf while was a child, his father give a gift, and the gift was a little golden train.

At the age of 36, he moved from Dubai to Liberty City, for his construction site, "The Amir Towers". His site was protected by the Messina Family, but Niko Bellic and Playboy X killed them.

In the last game of the GTA IV Era, GTA IV: TBoGT he became a major character and a friend of Luis. Yusuf is also a friend of Luis's boss and nightclub bussinessman Tony Prince and in the mission Chinese Takeout, while Louis met for the first time the Arabian bussinessman he wants to franchise Tony's clubs (Maissonette 9 and the gay club Hercules) but Tony haven't any time for this.

[edit] Met Louis Lopez

After Luis, seen Yusuf for the last time, he met him for the second time in the mission Sexy Time, and he wants to steal a helicopter, the Buzzard by Frickie Van Handerburg an South African who was accused of financing conflicts and humanitarian crimes, and Luis killed them. The third time was in the High Dive, while his father, Abdul with No Pants!

In this mission, Luis and Yusuf tried to steal a NOOSE Tank, for the Amir Towers. In fourth time, they met in the mission For the Man who Has Everything, and this time, he want to steal a railway carriage for his new buliding, too.

Finally, Yusuf gives Luis for their friendship his Super Diamond Car and his golden gun.

[edit] Do you know....

  • Yusuf's favorite song is "Arab Money";
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, Playboy X said Yusuf was a serious man, but in TBoGT, is a free and relaxed man;
  • In Yusuf's TV, you can see Gta IV end credits and "A History of Liberty" end credits;
  • The definition of Amir in Arabic means Prince or Commander

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