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[edit] Description

The Yakuza are a gang appearing in Grand Theft Auto III. Claude Speed joins them after being betrayed by the Leone Family Mafia. The first mission for them involves killing Salvatore Leone, to prove that your ties to the mafia are broken. After this, many of their missions include killing Spank dealers, such as the Yardies and Colombian Cartel. The gang also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

[edit] Story Contributions

The main contributions made by the Yakuza to the story are the missions in which they help you destroy the Colombian Cartel, which are the main opposition in the game. The reason the Yakuza hate the Cartel is actually because of a deed done by Claude himself. Ina mission for Donald Love, Claude disguises himself as a Cartel member and tries to assassinate a Yakuza gang leader.

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