Weekend At Florian's

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[edit] History

Weekend At Florian's is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. The mission involves Niko Bellic and his cousin Roman going in search of a man named Florian Cravic, whom Niko believes was the cause for the murders of his old army unit in the Bosnian war.

[edit] Mission Summary

Niko and Roman are told to find a man that Roman knows from the gambling rings. Apparantly, he can tell them where Florian Cravic is. They pick him up and he leads them to an apartment in Algonquin.

Niko enters, enraged and ready to kill Florian, but, when he breaks into the apartment, he finds Florian is now an openly gay man by the name of Bernie Crane. After a cutscene where Bernie explains his innocence, Niko realises the man he is looking for is Darko Brevic.

[edit] Trivia

  • The mission title, "Weekend At Florian's", is a play on the real-life movie, "Weekend At Bernie's".

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