Vercetti Estate

Vercetti Estate
Vercetti Estate.jpg
OwnersRicardo Diaz (1984-1986)
Tommy Vercetti (1986-?)
Spawns $$5000
locationStarfish Island, Vice City


[edit] About

The Vercetti Estate, formerly the Diaz is the base of operations of two drug barons, Tommy Vercetti and Ricardo Diaz. It's former owner, Ricardo, can be seen the whole of Vice City Stories with his mansion, and Ricardo is killed by an angry Lance Vance and Tommy Vercetti, as it was Ricardo that set up a trap, took 2 million dollars and drugs and killed Lance Vance's brother. The Vercetti Estate is one of the similarities between Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and the movie Scarface. The mansion is one of the largest mansions on Starfish Island, an island for rich people like Ricardo and Tommy to buy a house. The mansion has it's own line of missions that can be completed to spawn $5000 out the front of the mansion.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Shakedown

Tommy has taken over Diaz's mansion but the businesses that were paying money to Diaz don't want to pay protection to Tommy. Tommy tells his friends in the mansion that he would literally back in 5 minutes. Tommy then goes to the North Point Mall and gets the businesses to pay protection again.

[edit] Bar Brawl

Lance tells Tommy that a cafe won't pay protection. Lances also tells Tommy that he would handle it, but to Tommy, Lance is sitting at a bar doing nothing. The cafe has got protection by DBP Security and Tommy has to kill them all.

[edit] Copland

A henchman to Tommy has failed a bombing attempt in North Point Mall and now there are cops all over the place. Lance and Tommy steal some clothes of police officers and successfully plant the bomb and escaped from the police. 'Copland' is also a movie that starred Ray Liotta, the voice of Tommy Vercetti. The $5000 now spawns outside the Vercetti estate, but there is still one more mission that is based in the mansion.

[edit] Keep your friends close...

Characters killed: Lance Vance, Sonny Forelli

Sonny Forelli has finally arrived to Vice City and wants the money that was stolen from Tommy in the beginning of the game. Due to his ties with the Vice City Printing Works, Tommy attempts to give $2 million in counterfeit money to Sonny but Lance tells Sonny it's fake. A gun fight started between Tommy and Lance. When Tommy is the victor of the battle, he protects his vault from Forelli henchmen and starts a battle between Tommy and Sonny.

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