The VCPD is the main police force in Vice City. Like the Liberty City Police Department and San Andreas Police Department, the VCPD partols all areas of their designated area, in this case, Vice City. The police appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Vice City Stories when the protagonist commits a crime, such as killing an officer. They appear when the protagonist has 1 to 6 stars.


[edit] Police buildings

[edit] Downtown

The building has a SWAT van in the back, along with A PCJ to start a mini-game. It also has a helipad on the roof.

[edit] Ocean Beach

This building is enterable in Vice City for the mission No Escape?. Inside the building, a police uniform icon can be found, along with a hidden package. To get the hidden package, Tommy Vercetti must be wearing the police uniform found in the locker room. Outside at the back of the building, there is a thrown weapon pickup (depends on version of game) and police cars. In Vice City Stories, the building is unenterable but there are stairs leading to the top, specifically for the mission Turn on, Tune in, Bug out.

[edit] Southern part of the West Island

This generic police station is where the protagonist goes to when he is busted. In Vice City Stories, it also has stairs at the back for the mission Turn on, Tune in, Bug out, along with one of the 99 red balloons.

[edit] Fort Baxter Air Base

Main article: Fort Baxter Air Base

The Fort Baxter air base is the local military base.

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