Tunnel of Death

Tunnel of Death is a mission in GTA IV that is given to Niko Bellic by Derrick McReary.Derrick McReary asks Niko to kill Aiden O'Malley, saying that he sold him out by snitching him to the police. Derrick told Niko to take him out while being transported by the LCPD. Minutes later Packie called and informed Niko that he knows about Aiden, and told him that he is in to assist. Packie asked Niko to get a Biff truck that is loaded with a Rocket Launcher, the plan is to block the Booth Tunnel and smoke out the prisoner. They want it to look like a clean prison-break, so they save killing Aiden for later.

[edit] Guide

You can do this mission in variety of ways, one way is to use the truck, after blocking the tunnel, as a cover and shoot all the police officers. The other way sounds interesting, you can use the Rocket launcher and burn the place on the LCPD but beware to aim at the truck that Aiden is being held in. The best strategy in the shout-out is try to get headshots as much as possible, since most of the officers have bullet-proof vests. After you have killed all the officers, Packie will tell you to take control of the Police Stockade that is holding Aiden. You will notice that you have a 3-star wanted level, try avoiding highways and junctions, keep driving in alleys and small streets to avoid the wanted level. It must look like a clean getaway so lose the wanted level and try not to crash the Biff a lot.Or you can date Lawchick and get her to lower your wanted level instead.

After losing your wanted level, you will be asked to get rid of the truck nearby the gun shop, just behind the Pay'n'Spray. After stopping there, you will find a Presidente sedan and you will be asked to drive to the cliffs in Leftwood with Packie and Aiden. When you reach Leftwood, Packie reveals that Derrick sent them after him and are willing to kill him. After the cutscene, Packie will run to the Presidente and drive away fast. Now you can kill Aiden in anyway possible, but one of the interesting methods is burning him with a Molotov. Or you can simply push him off the cliff by running into him, do this if you don't want police attention or if you simply feel pity on the poor old man.

After finishing this mission, you will get $7500 and you will unlock Blood Brothers when Francis McReary send you a message.

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