Trailer Park Mafia


[edit] Appearance in the GTA series

The only game to date the Trailer Park Mafia have appeared is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. They are portrayed as rednecks and they wear shirts with the confederate flag on them, sunglasses and jeans. The Trailer Park Mafia is featured prominently in the first half of the game.

[edit] About the Trailer Park Mafia

The Trailer Park Mafia is located to the south of Sunshine Autos and the construction site of the developing new Sunshine Autos. It is lead by Marty J. Williams, married to Louise Cassidy Williams. The Trailer Park Mafia dominate in the poorer communities, running illegal activities such as prostitution and protection rackets.

[edit] Missions involving the Trailer Park Mafia

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[edit] Shakedown

characters introduced: Marty J. Williams, Louise Cassidy-Williams

This mission introduces the Trailer Park Mafia and Marty, it's leader. Marty tells Vic to simply make a shop owner pay protection.

[edit] Fear the Repo

Marty tells Vic to steal cars for him.

[edit] Waking up the Neighbours

Marty tells Vic to destroy 3 vans belonging to the Cholos, preferably with grenades.

[edit] O brothel, where art thou?

Marty and Vic turn a Cholo business into a brothel.

[edit] Got protection?

Some of the girls from the brothel are out on the streets with guns, being attacked by Cholos. It's up to Vic to rescue them.

[edit] Taking out the white trash (Louise Cassidy-Williams)

Louise has left Marty because he was mistreating and abusing her, but she left all of her belongings with Marty, so Vic has to retrieve them.

[edit] D.I.V.O.R.C.E (Louise Cassidy Williams)

Characters killed: Marty J. Williams

Because Louise left Marty, he has his revenge by kidnapping her and intending to turn her into a prostitute. Unfortunately for Marty, Vic finds out of his plans and kills Marty.

[edit] End of the Trailer Park Mafia

As soon as Vic kills Marty, the Trailer Park Mafia lose power over the less wealthy areas of Vice City. The mafia loses even more power when Vic takes over all of Marty's businesses. With no leader, the Trailer Park Mafia disappear, as shown in Vice City, which show that the trailers also get demolished.

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