Three leaf clover

  • One of the longest and most exciting missions in GTA IV is Three Leaf Clover. Working for Packie McCreary, Niko Bellic will have to rob a southern Algonquin branch of the Bank Of Liberty. In the opening cut-scene Niko meets Packie, his brothers; Derrick and Gerry and a friend; Michael. Niko is told he must wear a suit for this mission. You will first have to find a four door car and make your way to the bank. Outside the bank, the gang will put on their balaclavas in preparation for their heist. The first cut-scene inside the bank is a dramatic one, all the hostages in the bank are ordered to the ground while the explosives are planted on the safe. One hero takes out a gun and kills Michael only to then be killed himself. Shortly after this the cut-scene ends and you regain control of Niko. Your first task is to go to the safe and pick up the money, when you return the bank is surrounded by police.
Niko collecting the money

You now have to fight your way out of the bank, following Packie, Derrick and Gerry. When outside the bank you will have a five star wanted level and there will be police left, right and center, it is essential to use the new cover system for this mission to avoid being killed. After clearing a few streets and alleyways there will be another cut-scene in which a police helicopter seems to end the game for the criminals.

Packie suggests the the group head down into the subway to try to lose the police but as soon as you get down there you are met with a large group of N.O.O.S.E officers who will try to take you down. Soon after this, the group heads along the subway tunnel away from the police, here you should be careful to avoid an oncoming train. At the end of the tunnel there is a staircase which leads up to the streets again. When the group remerges, you will have to escape a three star wanted level and return to Packie's Ma's home to complete the mission.

[edit] Rewards

  • On completion of this mission you will receive a reward of $250,000.
  • You will also gain access to the last island in the game; Alderney.
  • You will gain the Balaclava (Ski mask) to wear whenever you wish. If Niko dies wearing it, it is returned to his wardrobe.

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