Three Leaf Clover

Three Leaf Clover
Three Leaf Clover screenshot.jpg
Niko escaping into the Subway
Mission ProviderPackie McReary
People killedMichael Keane

Three Leaf Clover is a Packie mission.

Niko joins the McReary Family and their friend Michael as they plan to rob a bank in Algonquin. The plan goes well enough until they rob it, when the group argue, leading to one of the hostages to shoot and kill Michael.
After the cutscene, Niko and the McRearys rob the vault, giving Niko five stars and they escape on foot. After going through several alleys, the group encounter a helicopter, so the group run into the nearby subway station. Once they reach the platforms, the group run on to the tracks and now have to be careful of the trains going past.
The group use a nearby service tunnel as a means of getting out of the subway and back to street level. On the way up, Niko's five stars wanted level turn into 3 and now the group aren't seen by the police. Niko, Packie and Derrick can now steal a car, get out of the wanted area and return to Packie's house to complete the mission.

Reward- $250 000 and Alderney is unlocked, along with the Xbox 360 Acheivement Full Exploration because Niko has open the last island.

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