The Truth

The Truth
NicknameThe Truth
Age63-64 (1992)
Date of Birth26 October 1934
Height6' 2¼" " (1.89 m)
Weight209 lbs.

[edit] The Truth

The truth is an old Hippie person, met CJ in the country side after Sweet arrested in Los Santos, The truth ask CJ to do him favors and missions, after that CJ ask The truth help to build his garage in San Fierro, after the riot in Los santos The truth be one of CJ's friends.

The truth asked CJ to bring him a harvester to harvest his drugs, but soon he burn it and travel to SF. The Truth believe that there is a hand on the government, which is corrupted and abusive. The Truth was formerly a scientist working on the Black project (the jetpack), which he later in game asks CJ to steal it from area 69. The Truth also believed in paranormal phenomenon, especially Aliens.

[edit] The Green Goo

In one of the missions, The Truth asked CJ to steal a green goo from a military cargo, shipped by a train, the green goo is believed to be an Alien blood, or their UFO fuel. According to some GTA:SA players, the green goo launches a beam and a sound at certain time while it is in the train. The sound was proven to be true, but the beam still a false myth.

Green Goo

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