The Sicilian Gambit

This is the last mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The whole mission is set in Portland, the Staunton Island city hall, the ocean and a lighthouse near to Salvatore's mansion. The mission is given to Toni by Salvatore Leone.

[edit] Overview

Toni and Salvatore are in Sal's mansion and Salvatore thinks that the Sicilians are going to kidnap the mayor of Liberty City. When Toni and Salvatore arrive at the city hall, Salvatore is proven right. Both Toni and Salvatore go to the docks and find Massimo escaping with the mayor. Toni and Salvatore kill a lone gang member and hop in a boat to pursue Massimo. The chase eventually leads to the lighthouse, and Toni has to fight his way to the base of the lighthouse from the lighthouse docks. At the base, Massimo, Toni, the mayor, and Salvatore meet up, but Massimo is in a helicopter and plans on killing Toni. Toni succeeds in killing Massimo.

[edit] Reward

$500 000 and 'the king' suit (resembles Elvis)

[edit] Similarity to The Exchange

It has been noted that The Sicilian Gambit is similar to the final mission of Grand Theft Auto III. Both have a person kidnapped (Maria Latore and the mayor) , the main antagonist of the game attacking the protagonist by a helicopter (Catalina vs Claude, and is fought in remote locations (the Dam and the lighthouse near Salvatore's mansion.

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