The Fastest Boat

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Squallo II, The fastest boat

[edit] Plot

The Fastest Boat is a mission from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In the mission, Ricardo Diaz informs Tommy Vercetti that Diaz owns the fastest boat in Vice City. He wants Tommy to steal the fastest boat that has just arrived into Vice City so Ricardo would still be the owner of the fastest boat in Vice City.

[edit] Overview

Cutscene 1 (intro)- Ricardo is furious at some birds that had pooped on his car, so he goes trigger-happy at them. He has his shotgun at is shooting at all of the birds so they won't continue annoying him. ("No more pigeon shit on MY car, eh Tommy?") Tommy arrives and Ricardo tells Tommy his latest errand: a boat has arrived in Vice City and rivals Ricardo's boat in speed. What Tommy has to do is simply go to the boatyard and steal the boat.

Gameplay- Drive Tommy to the boatyard. Get past the guards and pull a lever to lower the fastest boat. Simply drive the boat to Diaz's Mansion. Even though Tommy receives 3 stars, he still has a clear shot to the mansion.

Reward- $4000

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