The Exchange

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The Exchage is the very last mission in Grand Theft Auto III. It can be a very difficult mission if not done right.

  • Objective: Catalina has taken Maria hostage and if you want to save her you have to give Catalina $500,000.
  • Reward: $1,000,000
  • Brief Summary: You arrive at the "C" Icon to find Catalina intends to just take your money and kill you anyways. Thus this epic last mission starts. You need to take out the Cartel and get to the Cochrane Dam in seven minutes or Catalina will kill Maria. At one point there is a helicopter with Catalina on board buzzing you, if you take that helicopter out, Catalina is dead and the timer will disappear. You still need to take out the rest of the Cartel goons and get to Maria on the far side of the dam to pass the mission.
  • Tips: You need at least $500,000 to do the mission. You will have no problems with the money if you have done all missions and some side missions. The bullet proof patriot that was given to you earlier in the game would come in very useful in this mission, don't go in there with a non-bulletproof car because the cartel is equipped with heavy firepower. Also you will lose all weapons after this mission!

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