That Special Someone

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That Special Someone is a U.L Paper mission.

[edit] Walkthrough

Niko's contact in the U.L Paper building tells him that who he's looking for Darko Brevic, has been found not in Switzerland but in Budachrest and that he's been taken to Francis International Airport. Niko tells Roman, who wants to join Niko. After picking Roman up, they both have to go to the airport rendezvous, where Brevic gets kicked out of a van so Niko can deal with him. After a lenghy speech by Darko, Niko can kill him or walk away and let him live. If Niko walks away but runs back to kill Darko, he would have made a run for it with his hands behind his back.
After killing Darko or letting him live, Roman wants to be left with Brucie.

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