Tanks for the Memories

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[edit] History

Tanks For The Memories is a Wi-Fi multiplayer game found only on the PSP platform of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

[edit] Objective

Players must try to survive as long as possible if they are inside the tank to try and reach the target Tank Time. Other players who are not in the tank must try to destroy the tank as quickly as possible. The player outside of the tank who inflicts the most damage to the tank will be spanwed inside the tank in the next round. There is only one tank per round. In the first round, all players will have the same chance to get to the tank for the first time. Once the tank is occupied, the player who causes the most damage to the tank will be placed in the tank for the next round. The first player to reach the target Tank Time of remaining inside a tank wins the game.

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