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Snuff is the third mission given to you by Vincenzo Cilli in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

[edit] Overview

Vincenzo has more work for Toni Cipriani to finish. Vincenzo explains of J.D. O'Toole who wants to join the Leone family from the Sindacco family. Vincenzo goes on to say that they plan on using O'Toole as an inside man. Toni is instructed to head to a construction site and take out some Sindacco members. Before hand, Toni must purchase a weapon from a nearby Ammu-Nation.

Once the Sindacco's have been taken care of, Toni takes the phone of a dead Sindacco and is called by O'Toole shortly afterwards who seems very grateful. He tells Toni to take the Sindacco car to the Pay 'n' Spray to complete the mission.

[edit] Reward

For finishing this mission, you are given $500 and the Pistol is available to buy from any Ammu-Nation for £240.

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