Shoreside Vale

Shoreside Vale
Shoreside Vale.jpg
NameShoreside Vale
LocatedLiberty City (GTA III and LCS)
People based in Shoreside ValeCatalina, Donald Love, 8-Ball, Cisco
Ways to get to other islandsPorter Tunnel, Lift Bridge
Games Island featured inGTA III, Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto Advance


[edit] About

Shoreside Vale is one of the three islands that make up the GTA 3 era variation of Liberty City. The Island is featured in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

[edit] Glitches

Ghost Town.jpg

[edit] Ghost Town

The ghost town can only be viewed in Grand Theft Auto III. To view the ghost town, there are two methods of doing so. The first method is to use the dodo or Rhino with the flying cars cheat and fly from the Dam to behind the mountains and to the ghost town. Caution, the ghost town is not solid. The second method is to go off-road behind the tunnels in the far north to the cliff face and position the camera though the cliff to the town. The ghost town was used for the opening bank robbery scene when Catalina leaves Claude for dead.

[edit] Go through walls

This glitch is found in Liberty City Stories in both the PS2 and PSP versions. Cheats are needed. Do the 'Float on water' cheat and use a car to go up the west coast in the water until there are no more roads on the east side of the map, past the Dam. Toni can then go through the rock wall, as vehicles don't usually go in that area and boats are hard to come by.

[edit] Points of Interest

[edit] Francis International Airport

It's the lone airport serving Liberty City. Planes frequently land and hidden packages can be found here. In Grand Theft Auto III, the Dodo can be found on the tarmac and can be flown. The only Fire Station in Shoreside Vale is located near the entrance to the tarmac. Francis International Airport takes up approximately just less of the area in Shoreside Vale. Francis International Airport is one of the only landmarks kept for Grand Theft Auto IV and the redeveloped Liberty City.

[edit] Cochrane Dam

Cochrane Dam.png

Cochrane Dam is the location for the final showdown between Claude and Catalina. It is large and has a road along the top of the dam. North of the dam is water that continue going north to an unknown location, although some presume that it's Carcer City.

[edit] Porter Tunnel

Still under construction in Liberty City Stories, the Porter Tunnel connects Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale in Grand Theft Auto III. In Liberty City Stories, the Porter Tunnel only provides fast access from the Lift Bridge to the northern part of Shoreside Vale. The Staunton Island section is only opened by orders of Donald Love in the Liberty City Stories mission of 'Bringing the House Down'.

[edit] Flophouse

Donald Love temporarily relocates here when Love Media goes broke from Donald's failed attempt to be Mayor of Liberty City.

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