San Fierro Rifas

San Fierro Rifas
NameSan Fierro Rifas
LocatedSan Fierro, San Andreas
LeaderT-Bone Mendez
EnemiesCarl Johnson
The Grove Street Families
AlliesLoco Syndicate, Los Santos Vagos, Ballas, Big Smoke, Ryder, Frank Tenpenny

The San Fierro Rifas is a gang that is based in San Fierro. They are involved in the drug business, along with the Los Santos Vagos and The Ballas. The gang members are easily identifiable by their light blue bandanas. The Rifas do not frequently attack Grove Street Families area, as the Vagos and Ballas does so. It is unknown what happens to the Rifas after the death of the leader T-Bone Mendez, as they are not mentioned or seen in any of the later Grand Theft Auto games. The Rifa are also involved in the Loco Syndicate, as their leader T-Bone Mendez is also a member from the Syndicate.

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