San Fierro

San Fierro is one of the three major cities in San Andreas. It has only one airport serving the city and it also includes several landmarks in and around the city.


[edit] Points of Interest and/or Easter eggs- non mission related

[edit] No Easter Eggs up here, go away

Easter egg

This sign can be found on the Gant bridge on one of the supports. It can only be reached by jet pack or precision parachuting.

[edit] Golf Club

This is where CJ can get Katie to be his girlfriend.

[edit] Easter Bay airport

This airport serves San Fierro and aircraft in it can be used to go all around San Andreas.

[edit] Zombotech


Zombotech is a fictional company found approximately 6 blocks north of CJ's garage. It likely references the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil series. The foyer contains a model DNA strand (which seems to be its logo) and it has a note reading: 'Sinister Zombie Research Corporation, Welcome Visitors!'

[edit] Big, Pointy Building

This building is located across from the Valet Parking missions. CJ can enter this building, grab a parachute, and jump off this building.

[edit] War Memorial

The war memorial is located near the Hippy Shopper and all of the tombstones read: Opposition, 1997-2004, the same time the original GTA came out in 1997, to San Andreas, released 2004.

[edit] San Fierro Bridge Facts and an actual piece of cable

Actual piece of cable.jpg

The San Fierro bridge facts read out several of the technical facts on the Gant Bridge, such as how much technical space it uses, its draw distance, and even its height and width. There is also an actual piece of cable on display, with comments written on a board written: "

  • ooooh,amazing
  • That's mind blowing!
  • Actually, no, it's just simple physics and not really that impressive"

[edit] Points of interest: mission related

[edit] Export Vehicle list

Unlocked after: Customs fast track

This is the place for importing and exporting vehicles. After 'Customs fast track', at anytime CJ enters a specific vehicle that is written on a blackboard near the import/Export list, he will receive a message telling him to go to the export ship with that particular car.

[edit] Zero's RC shop

Zero's RC shop belongs to Zero, a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Once Zero's missions are completed His missions are as follows:

[edit] Air raid

Berkley, Zero's nemesis, is trying to take out Zero's transmitters, making it hard for Zero to launch a counter attack by remote. CJ has to help Zero take out flying RC aircraft that are dropping bombs on the transmitters using a mini-gun turret.

[edit] Supply Lines...

After Zero is found hung by his underwear, he and CJ decide to take revenge on Berkley by destroying mail couriers to get rid of Berkley's mail order business.

[edit] New Model Army

Berkley, CJ and Zero go head to head in an RC battle between Berkley and Zero. The loser leaves San Fierro while the winner continues with business. When CJ wins, money will continuously spawn outside Zero's shop.

[edit] Wang Cars

Wang Cars can only be purchased if Driving School is complete. It also opens up missions.

[edit] Zeroing in

CJ must use a device made by Zero to track a car who's driver is constantly on the phone.

[edit] Test Drive

CJ and Cesar steal cars from a showroom in Otto's Autos, near Pier 69, and then CJ tries to keep up with Cesar as he drives fast around San Fierro.

[edit] Customs Fast Track

CJ and Cesar check out the docks after a tip tells them a car they want is being loaded up on a boat.

[edit] Puncture Wounds

CJ tries out a modification to his car that drops spike traps to steal a car that is hard to keep up with.

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