Roman Bellic

Roman Bellic
BornMay 12, 1977
Height6’ 0” (1.83 m)
Weight265 lbs (120.2 kg)
ResidenceLiberty City (1990's- present)
Age31 (2008)
Voice ActorJason Zumwalt
RelativesNiko Bellic, Mom, Mallorie, Unnamed Child
AssociatesBrucie, Niko Bellic, Mallorie
SpouseMallorie Bardas (2008 - present)
Common HangoutsStrip Clubs, Casinos, Cab Service Building, Brucie's Auto Shop, Apartment

[edit] Information

Roman Bellic, Niko Bellic's cousin, lives in Liberty City. He runs a cab service and gets himself into debt unintentionally with some Russian mobsters with somewhat of a gambling addiction. Roman brings Niko to Liberty with the promise of money, mansions and women. But it later comes to Niko's knowledge that Roman may not have been telling the entire truth. Roman sees himself as a one of a kind optimist. Niko oftentimes replies to these claims with comments like "an idiot, not an optimist" and "in other words, a freak". Notice that he will make you do all the driving and still mocks your driving talent. Let's see him drive!

[edit] Special Ability

Roman is your friend from the beginning of the game. Boost his likeness for you above 75% to unlock his special ability, a cab in which will take you anywhere in the city for free.

[edit] After GTAIV

After Roman and Mallorie's baby is born Roman finally learns how to control his money to stay rich, he now lives in a luxury condo in Liberty City with his wife Mallorie and his daughter Kate.

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