Reuniting The Families

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Reuniting The Families is a Sweet mission.

  • Objective: Meet up with the other families and save Sweet from inside the building from the attacking SWAT officers.
  • Summary: What was supposed to be a friendly meet turns into an ugly bloodbath as SWAT teams appear from all sides. Big Smoke and Ryder leave while CJ stays behind. If you want to, you can gun them down but it's faster just to run inside. Make your way through the building until you find Sweet and get up on the roof to take out the helicopter hovering above. When you get down the stairs Smoke and Ryder reappear. You need to ride shotgun and take out all the cops chasing you. There's a grand ending where a billboard sign is altered to say something else via a car crashing through it.
  • Reward: Respect level increase.

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