Reni Wassulmaier

Reni Wassulmaier
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NameReni Wassulmaier
BirthplaceLeipzig Germany
Height6' 3" (1.9m)
Date of Birth1952
Year of Death2017 (Natural)


[edit] About

Reni Wassulmaier born November 21, 1952 in West Berlin. Is a German transsexual film director who appears in both Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. In Vice City Stories, Reni spends most of the storyline as a man, and works in Interglobal Film Studios on Prawn Island working as a director of advertisements, and later on porn movies. Reni takes a shine to protagonist Victor Vance, and towards the end of the storyline has her fourth sex change operation to become a woman again. Reni also prodides missions to help protect famed singer Phil Collins from the Forelli Family Mafia. In Liberty City Stories she is not seen in person but is heard on Liberty City's Flashback FM as the main DJ.

[edit] Missions for Reni Wassulmaier

Most of Reni's missions can be taken from his film studio, InterGlobal Films. One mission is taken from the hospital, where he took a sex change to become female.

[edit] Accidents will Happen

Reni wants Vic to do some stunt driving for a commercial Reni is producing, including doing jumps and blowing up fake cars.

[edit] The Colonel's coke

Reni tells Vic about a friend and fellow coke dealer, Gonzalez, (also breifly seen in Vice City) and henchman for Colonel Juan Cortez. Gonzalez needs to move some drugs to a lockup. Vic hops in a helicopter and protects Gonzalez until he reached his destination.

[edit] Kill Phil

Reni's friend, singer Phil Collins is touring Vice City, butneeds help getting to his hotel and getting past the many Forelli hitmen.

[edit] Say Cheese

Vic is annoyed Reni isn't paying much money for the errands he did for Reni, but Reni wants Vic to do another stunt action sequence, this time on a jetski.

[edit] Kill Phil: Part 2

Reni wants Vic to check on the security in the Hyman Memorial Stadium, but several Forelli hitmen are waiting for Phil.

[edit] So long Schlong

Reni is having a sex operation in the southernmost hospital on the East Island, and needs to be taken there. Reni escapes from his film studio and Vic has to keep Mendez goons from finding out that Reni isn't there. Unfortunately, Reni is found near the Malibu Club and needs to be rescued at taken to the hospital.

[edit] In the Air Tonight

Reni has finished the sex change and needs to be taken to the airport so she can leave Vice City and The Mendez Brothers, who want her killed, behind. Afterwards, Vic arrives at the Hyman Memorial Stadium, onlly to need to protect Phil Collins one last time, while he is singing 'In the air tonight' to his fans.

[edit] GTA: Liberty City Stories

Reni after she/he finished her career in flims, in 1998, she/he became the DJ for the Flashback FM, a radio station in liberty city, and she talked about her/him own sexual expierences.

[edit] Trivia

Did you know.....Reni was born as woman, after that she became a man, went back being a woman, before becoming a woman one more time in 1984. Reni is the only character in GTA games, who she was a man and a woman!

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