Ray Machowski

Ray Machowski (1958-) is a corrupt cop who works for the Yakuza and against the police department. In Liberty City Stories, he isn't corrupt, yet, and is with his partner Leon McAffrey. In Grand Theft Auto III, Ray is corrupt and spends most of his time hiding in the Bellville Park toilets.


[edit] Grand Theft Auto III

Introduced in: Payday for Ray (Asuka Kasen)

Leaves Liberty City in: Marked man (Ray Machowski)

Ray's missions can be taken in the Bellville Park toilets. Most of his missions involve trying to kill Leon McAfrrey and doing errands on behalf of other characters.

[edit] Silence the sneak

Characters introduced: Leon McAffrey

Ray's former partner ,Leon McAffrey, who later appears in Liberty City Stories, has squealed on Ray, and Claude has to kill him. He is found in some apartments near the only Pay 'n' Spray in Staunton.

[edit] Arms Shortage

Characters introduced: Phil Cassidy

Ray tells Claude to protect gun enthusiast Phil Cassidy from the Colombian Cartel In Phil's military hardware store..

[edit] Evidence Dash

Characters mentioned: Donald Love

Ray tells Claude to pick up embarrassing photos of Donald Love that is being transported across Staunton Island in a bobcat.

[edit] Gone Fishing

Ray thinks his current partner as also squealed on him, so Claude has to kill him in a high speed boat chase near Portland

[edit] Plaster Blaster

Characters killed: Leon McAffrey

As it turns out, Leon isn't dead, but is in an Ambulance and in a body cast.

[edit] Marked Man

Characters leaving Liberty City: Ray Machowski

Ray is finally found by the authorities and it's up to Claude to safely take Ray to Francis International Airport so Ray could escape on a plane going to an unknown location which is possibly Vice City

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