Ray Boccino

Ray Boccino
Ray boccino.jpg
NameRay Boccino
Born24 November 1976
Height6’ 4” (1.93 m)
GangPeggorino Crime Family
AssociatesPhil Bell

Niko Bellic

Jimmy Pegorino
DiedOctober 2008 (aged 32)
Voice actorJoe Barbara

Introduced In: Harboring A Grudge

Killed In: Pest Control

[edit] History

Ray Boccino is a Capo working for the Pegorino Crime Family, run by Jimmy Pegorino. He lives in Southern Algonquin. He is introduced to Niko Bellic in the mission, "Harboring A Grudge", and claims he is impressed by Niko and he'll "give you a call sometime". He offers Niko work, doing jobs for Ray in return for good money. Ray is notriously bad at Mafia work, however, letting a diamond deal worth millions of dollars go badly wrong. After Niko has completed a few of Ray's missions, he is given a safehouse in Alderney.

[edit] Death

Jimmy Pegorino calls Niko to his house to inform him that he thinks Ray is becoming a liability. He believes Ray is an idiot that managed to rise up the ranks, but is not capable of much more. He orders Niko to take care of him. Niko ambushes Ray, whilst he is driving to a meeting, and kills him. Ray also is seen in gta iv: the lost and adamned, when billy is talking to him and johnny shows up.

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