Prawn Island

Prawn Island is an island in Vice City. It is much smaller than the other two main islands, and Prawn Island is one of the three 'middle' islands of Vice City, the other two being a part of the Leaf Links Golf Club and Starfish Island.

[edit] Points of Interest

[edit] Interglobal Films

Interglobal Films
Film Studio.jpg
NameInterglobal Films
OwnersReni Wassulmaier, Steve Scott, Tommy Vercetti (Scott still director),
Shown in business1984-1986
Related companiesInterglobal Television (seen in San Andreas).

Interglobal Films is a Film studio that is used mainly for commercials and films with mild pornography in 1984 to a pornography film studio in 1986. In both years, the directors used unusual filming ideas, such as porno movies with a Jaws-like shark and another with aliens. Both directors used the main characters to help with their movies, such as Vic Vance doing stunt driving, killing zombies and doing a high speed chase on a jet ski. Tommy Vercetti was used by Steve Scott differently, Tommy helped the studios promote their movies, such as using a plane to drop leaflets advertising the films and adjusting lights onto a building to advertise Candy Suxxx, an actress starring in the films. Steve Scott, in Vice City, only appears in the 4 missions Tommy completes to make Interglobal films an asset property, while Reni appears more frequently in Vice City Stories giving Vic 6 missions.

[edit] The Mendez Mansion

The Mendez Mansion is prominently shown in Vice City Stories as the home of The Mendez Brothers. The mansion inside can only be seen in cutscenes, but it is fully explorable in the mission Domo Arigato Domestoboto, when Vic controls the Mendez's Domestobot to destroy their bearer bonds. In the original Vice City, after both of the Mendez brothers deaths, the building is abandoned and can be seen in bad condition, with graffiti all over it. The mansion is used in the Ricardo Diaz mission Phnom Penh '86 as a building infested with enemies that Tommy Vercetti has to shoot from a helicopter.

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