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Portland is one of the islands found in Liberty City


[edit] About

Portland is the 1st Island that you have access to in GTA III. It's also the first island accessible in Liberty City Stories.

[edit] Landmarks

[edit] Salvatore's mansion

Belongs to/ Alliance to: Salvatore Leone and the Leone family.

First seen in: The Offer (Liberty City Stories)

Last seen in: Last Requests (Grand Theft Auto III)

Salvatore's mansion is a mansion that belongs to Salvatore Leone. During Toni's and Claude's time on Portland Island, both take missions from Salvatore at his mansion. After his death at the hands of Claude, the mansion becomes abandoned and is also allegedly seen in Grand Theft Auto IV as a derelict building.

[edit] Marco's Bistro

Belongs to/ Alliance to: no one, but the Forelli use it as a hide out.

Featured specifically in: Saint Mark's Bistro (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Last mentioned in: Mike Lips last lunch (Grand Theft Auto III)

Although 'San Andreas' is set in San Andreas, one mission requires Carl Johnson to kill a Forelli member in the bistro. It also shows the inside of the bistro, a feature that isn't seen in either of the games set in Liberty City. It's last mentioned in 'Mike Lips last lunch', when Claude steals a Forelli member's car and rigs it to explode. Its motto is 'Eat 'till you explode!'

[edit] Cipriani's Ristorante

Belongs to/ Alliances to: Toni Cipriani, Ma Cipriani

First seen in: Snappy Dresser (Liberty City Stories)

Last seen in: Blow fish (Grand Theft Auto III)

Cipriani's Ristorante belongs to protagonist Toni Cipriani. In Liberty City Stories, Toni takes missions from Ma in the ristorante, as Ma is never seen in the game. In GTA III, Claude takes missions from Toni from the same ristorante.

[edit] Paulie's Revue Bar/ Sex Club 7

Belongs/ Alliances to: JD O'Toole, Luigi Goterelli

First seen in: Bone Voyeur! (Liberty City Stories)

Last seen in: The Fuzz Ball (GTA III)

The club is first owned in Liberty City Stories by JD O'Toole. Salvatore orders his death, and the Leone family takes over the club. It says 'Under Construction' until the end of the game, which it finishes being constructed and it resembles its GTA III counterpart. In GTA III, it is where Claude takes his missions from Luigi Goterelli.

[edit] Harwood Ferry Terminal

Belongs/Alliances to: Jane Hopper, Liberty City

First seen in: The Offer

Last seen in: Driving Mr Leone

The Harwood Ferry Terminal only appears in Liberty City Stories, as the tunnel being excavated underneath hasn't been finished yet. The missions involving the terminal is that a union boss goes on strike and Salvatore tries to give her money for access to the dock. It is last seen in Driving Mr Leone, as one of the places Salvatore wants to go to escape Portland. The ferry terminal can be used at anytime during the game to go between Portland and Staunton Island.

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