Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus

Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus Store has gone through several names through the Grand Theft Auto Series. The store, as its name suggests, is owned by Phil Cassidy, a gun expert who has a seemingly infinite amount of guns that can be bought by the player. Although Phil Cassidy is seen in 4 of the 5 'GTA III era' games, the store only appears in 3 of those, heavy weaponry being sold through Ammu-Nation in Vice City Stories. The store is known as Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus in Grand Theft Auto III, Phil's Place in Vice City and Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked gun shop in Liberty City Stories. Some typical weapons that can be bought at the store includes rocket launchers and Mini-guns.


[edit] GTA III: Phil Cassidy's Gun Shop

In Grand Theft Auto III, Phil only appears in one mission. After completing the mission, the store is open for business, and it remains open for the rest of the game. The shop is a large, rectangle compound with two gates and is a location for one hidden package.Unlike the traditional gun-buying format seen only in the Ammu-Nations, the guns that the player wants to buy float as pickups with the price of that gun above it. This format to buy Phil's guns is also seen in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Phil's Place

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Phil's shop isn't actually a shop, but is a large square piece of land filled with destroyed cars and a large shed housing his Patriot. His house itself is a caravan. Phil's Place is also where the protagonist can take two missions for Phil Cassidy. After completing mission two, Boomshine Saigon, can Tommy purchase guns and remote explosives.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories: Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop

LCS Gun Shop.jpg

In Liberty City Stories, Phil Cassidy only appears in the mission 'More Deadly Than Male' when Toni Cipriani gives him guns stolen on orders of Toshiko Kasen. Unlike the previous two games featuring Phil Cassidy's gun shop, the guns are sold like an Ammu-Nation.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Phil Cassidy plays a major role in this game and also has a place where is lives. He even owns his own shooting range, but doesn't own a shop yet. All heavy weapons can be bought at several Ammu-Nation stores around Vice City.

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