Pay N' Spray

Pay N' Spray
A Pay N' Spray in GTA IV
GamesGrand Theft Auto III
GTA: Vice City,
GTA: San Andreas,
GTA Vice City Stories,
GTA Liberty City Stories,
Cost$100 (this sometimes varies)


[edit] Pay N' Spray

Pay N' Spray serves two main functions in GTA games, that is to get rid of police warrants and to fix up or change your car's color. Driving into a Pay N' Spray garage will change the color of your car, fix it up, and drop all police warrants (useful for missions). Pay N' Spray garages will not touch any emergency or public vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, or firetrucks due to the fact that Pay N' Spray is a shady business as it is and those type of vehicles cannot be modified. The same applies to bikes, if you try to paint one they say they "Don't do toys!" Pay N' Spray is open 24/7 and the paint scheme you bought at a body shop (In San Andreas) will disappear if you paint your car at a Pay N' Spray. No missions are needed to unlock it.

[edit] Car Repair and Modification

When driving into a Pay N' Spray you can have your car completely fixed. If you have a broken windshield, or a cracked door, or a flat tire, Pay N' Spray can fix it at a cost. They will also change the color of the car at random, but in San Andreas there are certain garages that allow you to pick your cars color and wheel type along with many others things.

[edit] Police Warrants

When you are in trouble and running from the police a Pay N' Spray can easily rid you of your warrants. What happens is that you drive into a Pay N' Spray, have your car changed in color and bumps fixed, then you will be placed on suspension. If you do nothing wrong within a short amount of time the warrants simply go away. If you do something in the presence of a police officer you regain all your warrants once again and the chase will continue. In GTA IV you have to enter the Pay N' Spray without being seen by police, if you are seen it doesn't work. This is not the case in other GTA games.

[edit] Prices and Colors

Pay N' Spray is not free, the mechanics need their money too. For the price of $100 you can have your car painted. The colors are random and there are a wide variety.

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