Patrick McReary

Packie McReary
NamePatrick McReary
GangIrish American Gang
Voice ActorRyan Johnston
Born27 May 1977
Age29 (GTA IV), 34 (GTA V)
ResidenceLiberty City, Dukes (1979-2012), Los Santos (2012 -)
Height5’ 6” (1.67 m)

Introduced In: Luck of the Irish

[edit] History

Patrick "Packie" McReary is the youngest son in the McCreary family. He has 4 siblings, Gerry(Gerald), Derrick, Francis and one sister, Kate. Packie lives with his mother and sister in the family home. We learn he hated his late father and doesn't seem too fond of his mother or sister, though he readily admits that his sister is probably "the only good one in the family." Patrick will provide backup for you on some missions, as well as introduce you to other characters you can work for, such as his brothers. The McRearys used to be one of the largest crime families in Liberty City, but have recently fallen apart to form a small group of Irish hoodlums. A shadow of their former selves.

[edit] Friend Ability

When you have unlocked Packie as a friend and raised his like stat above 75%, you unlock the ability to call Packie and have him plant car-bombs via the in-game cell phone. You will then be given a location on your map to pick up the bomb. You can then plant the bomb on any vehicle using your gaming console's respective controls. In the friends information cutscene he is seen using his Car Bomb ability

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