Mobile Phone in Grand Theft Auto IV

Unlike previous Grand Theft Auto games, Grand Theft Auto IV now revolves around the Mobile Phone. The Mobile Phone can be brought up by pressing up on the D-Pad (PlayStation 3 controls). In the game, Niko acquires two versions of the mobile phone: the old phone and the premium quality one (as referred to in the game). In this page you will find a list of all options available on the Mobile Phone and an explanation of each.

[edit] Mobile Phone in Single Player

Introduced in: It's your call, but the multiplayer option can be used from the first mission of the game.

The mobile in single player can be used for several activities. It is where, unlike the previous Grand Theft Auto games, cheats are inserted, where Niko Bellic can ring his friends and also so Niko can ring any numbers found in-game, such as the 911 emergancy call.

[edit] Mobile Phone in Multi Player

Unlike the Single Player option, the Mobile Phone cannot be used to insert cheats. It can be used to called other multiplayer players, but only if both players have a headset.

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