Mike Toreno

Mike Toreno
Mike Toreno.jpg
NameMike Toreno
alliesLoco Syndicate, Carl Johnson, U.S Government
LivesDesert, San Andreas
games Mike appears inGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas
introduced inPhoto Opportunity
Voiced byJames Woods
Born1 May 1962

Mike Toreno,born in San Fierro, is first introduced as a member of the Loco Syndicate in the mission Photo Opportunity. He is later named in the mission Mike Toreno as the titular person. He is kidnapped by the Da Nang Thang gang and only has 6 minutes of batteries in his mobile phone before they run out. He describes what he can hear to T-Bone Mendez and CJ, while CJ figures out where Mike is located. The chase goes from Jizzy's club to a construction site near CJ's garage, to the docks and finally to the airport. CJ uses his mobile phone to locate Mike and kill the gang members. Afterwards, T-Bone, Mike and CJ uses guns (explosives optional) to destroy the evidence in the truck Mike was taken in. Mike is later seen in the mission Pier 69 in a helicopter. He spots dead bodies along the rooftops and a Loco Syndicate meeting is called off. Afterwards, T-Bone and Ryder are found dead. Toreno is 'killed' by CJ during a high speed chase along a freeway leading to the forest, while Toreno is in a helicopter and CJ in a car.
After the helicopter is destroyed, CJ is told by a voice in his mobile to go to a house in the desert. After a monster truck checkpoint race, the voice is revealed to be Mike Toreno, alive and well. Mike also reveals that he is, in fact, a government agent and needs CJ to do errands that Mike cannot be caught doing, such as stealing a truck, destroying helicopters and collecting a secret package. Through Mike, CJ buys a airfield graveyard, where he stores several aircraft through the game. CJ then has to do some aircraft related missions. He is told by Mike to deliver cargo to the far south of San Andreas without showing up on radar, or else Hydras would destroy him. CJ then has to board a plane while it's moving, kill rival government agents hinted to be aliens, and destroy the plane.
Mike's final missions involve CJ to steal a Hydra and take it to his airfield, and to finally pick up CJ's brother. After that, Mike does not bother CJ any more as promised.

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