Meltdown is a Ray Boccino mission. It deals with what happened to the garbagemen from the previous mission, Taking in the Trash.

[edit] Walkthrough

To start the mission, go to Castle Garden City in Algonquin. It reveals that the garbage collectors have stolen the diamonds they were supposed to deliver to Ray. The garbagemen meet Niko in a Lotus before driving off, leaving Niko to give chase in a Banshee.
The chase ends up in Middle Park, where the garbagemen crash their car and hide in the nearby toilets. Niko must finish off two of the three garbagemen outside the toilets before going inside to find Luca, who's hiding in the bathroom.
Inside, Niko must kick open each cubicle door to find the hidden Luca. When he is found, Niko must shoot him and reclaim the diamonds. When done, Niko recieves a call from Ray telling him to meet him on a bridge in the centre of Middle Park.

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