Maria Latore

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Maria Latore
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NameMaria Latore
Resides inPortland, Liberty City
Married toSalvatore Leone
Appears inGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas, LCS ,GTA III
EnemiesColombian Cartel, Catalina
Voiced ByDebi Mazar (GTA III, San Andreas), Fiona Gallagher (LCS)

[edit] Overview of Maria in GTA III, LCS and San Andreas

Maria Latore (Born February 19th, 1974) is first introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a worker for Caligula's Casino, where Salvatore Leone and her fall in love. She becomes his Girlfriend in GTA III and wife in Liberty City Stories. She also appears in latter as a mission giver for Toni Cipriani. In GTA III, Maria is first introduced by Claude needing to take her in Salvatore's Limo to a party then escape the police in Salvatore's Mission Chaperone. Claude also must meet her by the slip knot underneath the Callahan Bridge where she introduces him to Asuka Kasen. Maria, however, gets kidnapped by Catalina in the cutscene Ransom. Claude has to rescue Maria to complete the game. On Chatterbox FM, the player can hear Maria talk about Claude, thinking that he is uninterested in her because he is 'always working and hanging out with guys'. At the end of Grand Theft Auto III, Claude and Maria drive off.

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