Malibu Club

Malibu Club
Malibu Club.jpg
Curent ownerTommy Vercetti
Frequent VisitorsKent Paul, Tommy Vercetti
First appearanceGrand Theft Auto: Vice City
locationEast island, Vice City
Used for:Headquarters to rob El Banko Currupto Grande, Asset money-makng


[edit] Appearance

The Malibu Club is a fictional nightclub that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is located on the East Island of Vice City. It is where Love Fist's manager Kent Paul enjoys to hang out. It is later bought by Tommy Vercetti, where it is the base of operations to rob El Banko Currupto Grande.

[edit] Appearance in Vice City Stories

The Malibu Club is only mentioned once, as where Reni Wassulmaier was hiding. It is the location of a health pickup and a Unique Stunt Jump.

[edit] Appearance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The Malibu Club is bought by Tommy Vercetti for $120 000 halfway through the game and asset missions open up, which the main aim is to rob El Banko Currupto Grande. But first, Tommy needs someone who can shoot a gun, someone to drive the getaway car and someone to crack the safe.

[edit] Asset Missions: Malibu Club

There are 4 missions needed to be completed to spawn a money icon that gives up to $9000.

[edit] No Escape?

Bank Robber Member introduced: The safe cracker, Cam Jones

[edit] Overview

The best safe cracker in Vice City is under arrest so Tommy has to break him out to hire him.

[edit] The Shootist

Bank Robber Member introduced: the gunman, Phil Cassidy

[edit] Overview

Tommy is recommended Phil Cassidy to help out in the bank robbery. To join, Phil challenges Tommy to a gun challenge in a shooting range.

[edit] The Driver

Bank Robber Member introduced: The getaway driver, Hillary.

[edit] Overview

Phil recommends to Tommy to use Hillary as the getaway driver, but even this man challenge Tommy. Problem is, Hillary has got a fast sports car and Tommy doesn't.

[edit] The Job

Bank Robber member killed: Hillary

Bank Robber member that can be killed: Cam Jones

[edit] Overview

Tommy, Phil, Hillary and Cam get in a taxi and go to the bank to rob it. After the completion of this mission, up to $9000 can be collected from the Malibu Club.

[edit] See also

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