Ma Cipriani

Ma Cipriani
Ma is heard, not seen.
NameMa Cipriani
nicknameMa Cipriani, Momma Cipriani
GangLeone Family
Year of Birth1932
Appeared in:Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Voiced by:Sondra James


[edit] About

Ma Cipriani is a character that is heard but not seen. She serves a minor role in Grand Theft Auto III and a supporting role in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Ma Cipriani is the mother of LCS protagonist, Toni Cipriani. Throughout the storyline of Liberty City Stories, Toni is trying to impress his mother, who had set a high standard for Toni, and the high standard is Toni's father. Toni's father seemed infallable by the fact that Ma is constantly praising him, and making him seem like more than he is. When Toni fails to meet Ma's standards, however, she orders a hit on Toni by several hitmen. She calls off the hitmen when Toni becomes a made man because of her pride. Ma Cipriani's second chronological appearance is in Grand Theft Auto III. She is living with her son in a loft above their restaurant (named Cipriani Ristaurante), where her missions are taken from Liberty City Stories. She does not herself give missions, but can be heard talking to herself and to Claude (who doesn't seem to pay much attention) while Claude is reading notes left by Toni, who also doesn't seem to be at his restaurant most of the time either.

[edit] Missions and major references to/for Ma Cipriani

The following missions can only be found in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Ma Cipriani's missions can be taken from her and Toni's restaurant in St. Marks in Portland.

[edit] Snappy Dresser

Characters introduced: Ma Cipriani, Giovanni Casa

Ma is upset that while Toni was away, in hiding from killing the made man, had never called his mother and she had created a friendship between herself and Giovanni Casa, a local sausage maker. She believes that Giovanni is a good man, but Toni thinks otherwise. To prove his point, Toni gets a camera and takes pictures of Giovanni in a baby outfit chasing some startled hookers.

[edit] Big rumble in little China

Ma reprimands Toni for being scared of the Triads, so Toni decides to take out two groups of Triads gang members to satisfy his mother. This could also be the reason for Toni and Claude trying to take out the Triads specifically in Grand Theft Auto III.

[edit] Grease Sucho

Ma now wants Toni to enter a car race against Sucho, another person Ma is comparing Toni with. Toni has plans, though, and takes out Sucho after winning.

[edit] Dead Meat

Characters killed: Giovanni Casa

Toni is angry that his mother is comparing him to a sausage vendor, and Ma wanting Toni to have Giovanni's guts gets Toni so annoyed that he picks up Giovanni Casa, literally chops Giovanni up with an axe, and makes a special delivery to Giovanni's deli later that day of 'sausage of the Casa'.

[edit] No Son of Mine

Ma, angry that Toni has not lived up to his mother's expectations, she orders a hit on Toni, hoping he would die a real man.

[edit] Making Toni (mission provided by Salvatore Leone, not Ma)

Toni simply becomes a made man (with concerns he would end up like JD O'Toole, who was also promised to be 'made' but was killed instead). Ma Cipriani is so proud that she calls off the hitmen.

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