Love Fist

Love Fist
NameLove Fist
Band MembersJezz Torrent



GenreGlam Metal
ManagerKent Paul
Voice actersKevin McKidd (Jezz)

Mark Hanlon (Willy)

Peter McKay (Dick)

Russell Foreman (Percy)

Introduced in, "The Party" (Jezz Torrent), "Love Juice" (Rest of the band).


[edit] History

Love Fist are a Scottish, Glam Metal band featured mainly in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The band features four members, Jezz Torrent, Willy, Dick and Percy. The last three members' names are all slang terms for penis. Jezz Torrent is introduced to Tommy Vercetti in the mission, "The Party". He introduces Tommy to the rest of the band in, "Love Juice".

Love Fist ask Tommy to help increase the band's reputation and improve their image by getting them drugs and prostitutes. He also has to protect the band from a deranged stalker, hire a biker gang to act as security during a gig and drive them to a concert in a limo rigged with a bomb.

[edit] Albums/Songs

Three albums by Love Fist are mentioned in the game:

  • Dogs On Heat
  • Fat Chicks - All Day, All Night
  • Devil's Own Band

The songs mentioned by Love Fist are:

  • Fist Till Morning
  • Dangerous Bastard
  • Fist Fury
  • The Four Scottish Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
  • Take It On The Chin
  • Zinc Deficiency
  • Four Boys Against Your Face
  • Satan's Pillows
  • Beast Fight
  • Chin-Stainer
  • Liver Buster
  • Dangerous Man, Dead Family

Out of Love Fist's song list, only "Fist Fury" and "Dangerous Bastard" can be heard on the radio, on the V-Rock Station. A snippit of "Fist Till Morning" can be heard on the Love Fist commercial, however.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Frontman, Jezz Torrent, makes a brief appearance in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, claiming to have joined the Epsilon Cult. Love Fist are mentioned a number of times on the in-game radio.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Love Fist advertised the comeback tour at Four Dragons Casino, Las Venturas, San Andreas as seen in a billboard in Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto IV

Love Fist seem to be still active during Grand Theft Auto IV. A club in The Triangle has a billboard saying, "Superstar Cafe, home of the mighty Love Fist."

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