Louise Cassidy-Williams

Louise Cassidy-Williams
Known NameLouise Cassidy
Resides inVice City
Games appeared inGrand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Year of Birth and Age1952 (32)
Year of Death1984

Louise Cassidy-Williams (1952-1984) is a major character of GTA Vice City Stories. She is was born in 1952 in Vice City. Also she is the Phil's Cassidy sister and Mary-Jo Cassidy.

She was married with Marty Jay Williams but after Vic Vance killed him she is become ex-husband. She is mother of Mary-Beth Williams.

In the mission D.I.V.O.R.C.E was kindapped by Marty but Vic chase him. After the death of Marty she is live in Mary Jo's Apartment, because she was very frightended to live in the trailer park.

Later, Jerry Martinez kidnapped her one more time, and this time Vic chase Martinez. Vic find her and he is taken Louise to the nearest hospital.

Finally in the mission Light My Pure, she is dead, and tell Vic who loved him and she want to become husbands.

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