Los Cabrones

Los Cabrones
LeaderUmberto Robina
ethic groupCuban
Base of OperationsUmberto's house (Later Robina Cafe)
Succeeded byCuban gang
Based inVice City
Games appeared inGTA: Vice City, GTA: Vice City Stories

Los Cabrones are a gang that preceded the Cubans in Vice City. They are led by Umberto Robina in both occasions and enlist the help of the protagonists (Tommy Vercetti and Vic Vance) to take down rival groups Haitains and Cholos respectively.

[edit] Vice City Stories

In Vice City Stories, Umberto gets help from Vic Vance to eliminate the Cholo gang. Before starting, Umberto tells him to get a package saught after many other people to prove he's got 'cajones'. Afterwards, Vic and Umberto drive around Little Havana and Little Haiti eliminating several groups of Cholos. Umberto later requests help from Vic to pick up his father Alberto from the Hyman Memorial Stadium and take him to his opening shop without giving him a heart attack, something he is prone to do if he is shot or Vic drives fast. Finally, Vic and several Cabrones plant bombs in the headquarters and destroys it, making Umberto's job of eiminating the remaining gamg members much easier.

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