List of weapons in Grand Theft Auto III

  • AK47s Assault Rifle

A powerful weapon similar to the M16 but you can lock onto targets with this weapon and it had a slightly lower rate of fire and clip capacity than its "cousin".

  • Baseball Bat

The true thug's weapon. A solid baseball bat never fails to do the job when it connects. One hit with this should be enough to send your opponent crashing to the ground where you can finish the job if need be. Again, the lack of range on this weapon will hurt you in a firefight so don't rely on it unless your opponent has no gun.

  • Colt 45 Pistol

This basic pistol is one of the earliest weapons in the game and probably the first one you'll get your hand on. It's carried by cops and a few gangs around town as well as being purchasable from Ammu-Nation. It lacks real stopping power but it does have a range, allowing you to pick people off from a distance if they only have baseball bats. Can be bought at Ammu-Nation.

  • Flame Thrower

A very useful weapon for dealing with crowds of people. It's also one of only two weapons capable of destroying a tank should the need arise.

  • Grenade

No different to a regular grenade you'll have used in any other game. Throw it, the longer you hold the button down the further it will go. It will detonate a few seconds after it leaves your hand.

  • M16

Different to other bullet firing weapons, this gun does not lock onto targets but instead pressing R1 will give you a manual aiming option. Due to the power of the weapon and the very high rate of fire the aim will jump around a bit while you're firing. This gun is used by the Army and can only be obtained from Phil's place.

  • Molotov Cocktail

The poor man's grenade, but every bit as effective. Petrol with a lighted rag in the top, throw it and watch the fire. Just be careful to make sure you throw it far enough or you'll get caught in the fire as well. The only weapon besides the flamethrower that can destroy a tank.

  • Physical Combat

These are things you can do from the start of the game, throw punches and kicks. While very basic, it does allow you some form of self defense if you've run out of ammunition and have just died. But don't rely on it for too long.

  • Rocket Launcher

Probably the most destructive weapon in the entire game. Firing unguided rockets, this weapon is enough to destroy practically anything that can be destroyed in one hit. Can only be obtained from Phil's place.

  • Shotgun

This weapon is pretty powerful at close range but the spread of it makes it less effective the further away your target it. Can be bought at Ammu-Nation.

  • Sniper Rifle

The true marksman's weapon. With this weapon you can kill people that are barely dots on the horizon when you look normally. Used in several missions where you need to kill people from long distances or without being seen.

  • Uzi 9mm SMG

This Uzi is probably the most useful weapon early on and it's still handy later on. A sub-machine gun that packs a lot more power than the pistol does. Can be bought at Ammu-Nation.

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