List of weapons in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • Baseball Bat

The Baseball Bat is a very powerful weapon, and excellent when used with discretion. You can kill quite a few people with this and not have to worry about any cops on your tail for a while. Hold the attack button down while running and release it on someone to do a hit-and-run. This baby can take out most people with just a couple of hits.

  • Bomb and Detonator

Press and hold the fire button to launch one of these. The longer you hold down on the fire button, the further you’ll throw it. Unlike a regular grenade, it doesn’t matter if you don’t throw it very far because it won’t blow up until you detonate it, so you still have time to clear the blast zone. But once you do detonate it, you can sit back and watch the bodies fly.

  • Brass Knuckles

Wearing these adds more power to your punch. Might as well just always have these on if you plan to be doing some hand-to-hand combat.

  • Camera

You will only be able to obtain this in a mission, and even then you’ll only have the ability to take a few pics, so when you do eventually manage to get hold of it, make the most of the few photos you can take. Don’t waste them – use them on something useful. Unlike on San Andreas, you can’t save the photos you take with this.

A very satisfying weapon to use, mainly because of the splatter effect that occurs on screen when you kill somebody. This weapon will kill anybody in one hit, but is rather slow between attacks. The best thing to do, is to run and use it at the same time to mow down a crowd of people quickly. It is not a good weapon to use against a group of enemies with guns, as you will be quickly eliminated since the weapon is much slower and much more awkard to use.

  • Chromed Shotgun

The Chromed Shotgun is an excellent weapon to use when you want a job done quick. It will kill most people in a couple of shots depending on their distance from you. If you are in someone's face though, one blast should do it. It has an ok firing rate, so you can take out long-range enemies quickly by holding down the attack button. (It has nothing on the Spaz Shotgun though).

  • Colt 45

One of the most common guns you will use, and the VCPD's standard issue firearm, the Colt .45 is a powerful enouogh pistol to get you out of most sticky situations. While compared to the Colt Python though, it is the weakest of the two, and it can take more than a few shots to kill someone. It does have a much more faster firing rate than the Python. So in other words, be strategic when using it, and do not run into a crowd of SWAT team members and expect to live.

  • Colt M4

Another good weapon for First-Person aiming, the Colt M4 is a more powerful weapon than the Ruger. Not only does it have a faster firing rate, but it is more powerful too. It is good for head shots, and will kill anybody with just a few bullets. The best tip is to not use it in Third-Person, but always in First-Person view. It gives you more accurate aiming, plus you can take down helicopters this way too. It can also blow up cars fairly quickly.

  • Colt Python

A much more powerful handgun than the Colt .45, this gun will take out anybody in one shot. It also has a nice range, but it's rate of fire is very slow, especially when compared to the Colt .45.

  • Flame Thrower

An extremely powerful weapon, anyone who touches the flames from this will burn to death, guranteed. It is also a good weapon to take out tanks, as in GTA3. Be careful not to get burned by your own flames, because it will decrease about 2/3 of your health.(That is if it was full to begin with)

  • Golf Club

You’re bound to have one of these eventually, especially if you hang around Leaf Links a lot. You can batter anyone to death with this innocent looking sports equipment. Unfortunately you can’t cut off a victim’s head and play golf with it.

  • Grenades

The longer you hold down the attack button, the farther you will throw the grenade. As soon as you release it from your hand, a 3 second timer starts, so if you throw it really high, it will explode in mid-air. If you press the attack button too weakly, run away, because you will blow away a big chunk of your health (if it is full) or kill you.

  • Hammer

Obtained at most good tool shops in Vice City, this baby has the ability to smash anyone to a pulp with just a few hits. It might not look like much, but it’s capable of doing a lot more damage than you might think.

  • Ingram Mac 10

This has a very rapid firing rate and is excellent for taking out targets at close range, but at long range it loses accuracy and becomes a lot weaker. So if you’re gonna use this, make sure you get close to your target before shooting.

  • Katana

This thing can be lethal to anyone with just one swipe. You can take off a person’s head with it, poke it right the way through their guts, or just slash them and dice the remains.

  • Knife

It’ll give anybody a terrible hole in their body and it can seriously scar them any day, but due to it’s size, you’ll be lucky if you manage to get a one hit kill with it on anyone.

  • M60

Found at Fort Baxter, this is probably just as powerful as the minigun - it can take out any live target in one shot, and a car in just a few shots. Unfortunately it doesn’t fire as fast as a minigun, but it is still quite fast but it loses accuracy at longer distances.

  • Machete

You can look just like Jason from Friday 13th with this super killer. Just one swipe can be enough to kill, and if it doesn’t kill the victim will certainly be in a lot of pain. You can chop up anything you want with this be it car or person.

  • Meat Cleaver

Hack away with this butcher’s favorite. It’s ideal for close combat and can come in handy in many dangerous situations. Don’t like someone or just want to aimlessly kill? Why not hack their limbs off one at a time with this!

The most devastating weapon in the entire game, along with the Rocket Launcher, the Minigun will destroy everything in it's path in under a second. Cars will almost instantly blow up, and anyone who gets hit with this is going down for good. The problem with the Minigun is that it will only aim straight, meaning no moving it up or down. This can prevent you from hitting people who are an inch or two below you, or taking down that pesky helicopter down (although sometimes the Minigun will automatically aim up at one if it is near). You can rotate it in a 360-degree fashion, so everything that can be hit can be destroyed. It is not ideal for really close encounters, as the Minigun will not be able to hit the enemy when they are too close to you, ending with you just getting beat to death or arrested. It's firing rate is extremely quick, so you can run out of ammo pretty fast.

  • Molotov Cocktail

A favorite for the more sadistic out there, this weapon delivers a guranteed kill to anyone that comes into contact with it. Hold the attack button longer to hurl it at a farther distance. Be careful not to press the button too lightly though, because if you tap it, you will barely throw it and end up setting yourself on fire, taking away about 2/3 of your health. (That is if it was full to begin with)

  • MP5

The best sub-machine gun in the whole game, the MP5 can take out just about anyone with about 3 shots. It has a very high firing rate, and is good for shooting those trying to escape because of it's long range capabilities. It can blow up vehicles fairly easy too. An excellent crowd control weapon.

  • Nightstick

You’ll find this after killing any police officers. It isn’t really a great weapon since it doesn’t cause much damage, and it doesn’t look in the slightest bit cool unless you have the uniform to go with it.

  • PSG-1

An inferior sniper rifle compared to the normal one (scroll down), the only difference between this one and the other is that the PSG-1 has Laser Sighting. Which, surprisingly, will hinder your aiming instead of helping it. If the target is too far, there will be no laser there, meaning you have to actually guess where the cross-hair would be and fire. Besides that, it is exactly the same, as in it will kill anyone in one hit, it can only be used in First-Person View, and it has a zooming feature with a scope. Try and use the normal Sniper Rifle instead though.

  • Rocket Launcher

This beauty of a weapon will take out any target except a tank in one shot. Fire it into crowds of people and watch the bodies fly, or create your own fireworks display. Whatever you choose to do with it, there’s no denying that this is one of the ultimate GTA weapons.

  • Ruger

An incredibly powerful weapon, the Ruger can kill anyone with a nice head shot, which in fact, blows their head completely off. If you cannot get a head shot, don't worry, it will still kill anyone in a few hits no matter where you aim. The best tip with this weapon is to not use it in Third-Person View, but in First-Person for the best results. Your shots are incredibly more accurate (unless you really suck) this way, and is the easiest way to get some one hit kills. Seeing as this weapon is one of the few that can actually be used in First-Person View, it is an excellent weapon against helicopters if you do not have a Rocket Launcher on hand.

  • Screw Driver

Again this is sold at most good tool retailers at a reasonable price. It’s good for doing multiple things such as screwing screws into walls and for the odd murder. You can stab away at a few people with this before the cops will care and start to come after you. Once they do manage to come after you, though, you should switch to a slightly more appropriate weapon for taking on the law.

  • Sniper Rifle

A powerful long range weapon, a Sniper Rifle will kill anybody with just one shot, no matter where it is placed. It can only be used in First-Person View, and it has a nice scope for long range aiming and zooming. It works surprisingly well in close encounters too. It's only disadvantage is not being able to see around you, so you can sometimes be knocked over and arrested by a cop if you are not careful about your surroundings. It is one of the best weapons in the game to have.

  • Spaz Shotgun

The best shotgun in the whole game, the Spaz Shotgun will not only kill anybody in one blast, but it can take out a crowd in just a few seconds. It's firing rate is unbelievable and unsurpassed by any other shotgun out there, making it an ace weapon for taking out vehicles. It also has some nice range on it too. This is one of those weapons that you should always carry around.

  • Stubby Shotgun

This is shotgun is modeled off a sawn-off and is without doubt extremely powerful compared to most weapons. It's spread fire makes it good for multiple kills and it has a fairly fast firing rate too. Like all shotguns, the power of it is next to none over long distances, so if you’re gonna kill someone with it then make sure they’re close first.

  • Teargas

This won’t kill somebody, but it’ll have them crying their eyes out. Although it was meant for cops, you can find this lying around outside a police station ready for you to use at your pleasure. Just one sniff of this gas is torture to anyone and everyone. Just seeing the peds in pain brings a tear to your eye - or maybe it could just be the gas. Well whatever it is, you have just got to love this weapon.

  • Tec-9

A decent sub-machine gun, the Tec-9 can take out most people in about 5 shots, and is great at long-range attacks. The Tec-9 is an excellent weapon for drive-bys.

  • Uzi 9mm

This weapon looks better than all the other SMGs, and it’s also one of the better for firing. As with all SMGs it loses power and accuracy over distances, but it’s not quite as bad as the others for it. If you want a good SMG, then get this one if you can, but the others will still do if you can’t.

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