List of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

The following is a list of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


[edit] Cars

  • Admiral (1982-1997)

This four-door sedan (based off of the 1980’s Mercedes Benz) isn’t quite visually pleasing. The Admiral can get up to a decent speed when driving down a long stretch, handling won’t become much of a problem as it’s not too responsive yet not too stiff and unless you’re driving in one of these on the beach or on bumpy terrain, it’s rare for this car to flip over.

  • Blista Compact (1978-1994)

A cousin of the Blista, this two-door hatchback may not be the prettiest car, the fastest car or the best car at but… well it just sucks. The Blista Compact won’t get you very fast, the handling is quite stiff so turning is an issue and doesn’t damage very well. The only positive about this car is that the suspension is low which lowers the risk of flipping.

  • Esperanto (1970-1999)

This two-door car is nothing special. It’s nothing to be excited about because it doesn’t get very fast, handling is pretty swell and the car rarely flips. No one will by dying to drive this one, that’s for sure.

  • Glendale (1952-1976)

This car falls back into the sea of vehicles as there is nothing special about it. Quite ugly to drive, speed is quite decent, handling is alright and rarely flips.Even though the car was last sold in '76, it still is popular sedan in Vice City.

  • Greenwood (1979-1996)

It’s quite rare to see this car driving down the streets as it rarely makes an appearance. Because of it’s ugly grill, slow speed and decent handling, this car is considered below average of all the other cars.

  • Hermes (1946-1955)

This is just a classic car that fits well with the 1980’s theme. Although it’s not as cool as its counterpart the Cuban Hermes, this car is decent on all levels. At times, this car can get up to decent speeds, good handling and doesn’t flip over that much. The car definitely has a slight risk of blowing up easily.

  • Idaho (1966-1980)

This car also isn’t very special. One would argue it’s one of the ugliest cars in the game. Speeds are decent, handling is quite good although it may be a little responsive at times and doesn’t flip over many times.

  • Landstalker St Explorer (1st gen 1978-2002)

One of the only SUV’s you’ll find in the game. It’s a very good vehicle to drive around with your gang members inside but other than that, it’s not special. It can get some high speeds, handling is alright and it does flip over when making sharp turns at high speeds.

  • Manana (1982)

This is another car that isn’t visually pleasing at all. This two-door sedan is nothing but ordinary and one would argue that it’s below, below average. It can’t go very fast, handling is alright and does not flip over on occasions.

  • Mesa Grande

Based off of the Jeep, this off-road vehicle can be quite cool to drive in. You’ll mainly see this car roaming around in Washington beach. This car can get to above average speeds, handling is great and it’s not uncommon if this car flips over.

  • Moonbeam

This four-door van is nothing special. It’s ideal for the occasional family trip but stay away from this car if you’re planning to go on a trip down Vice City with FBI Cruisers on your tail. This can get a good speed (considering that it is a van) handling is great and doesn’t tend to flip.

  • Oceanic

In all honesty, I think this is the ugliest car in the game. This front is just horrible and it’s hard to look at for a long periods of time. This car can give you a decent speed, it has OK handling and doesn’t flip over.

  • Perennial

Considered the suckfest of the parking lot, this car does not have a good reputation. Ridiculed by all gamers alike, this car lives up to it’s reputation, The Perennial is quite slow and won’t give you a ride for your money, handling is a little responsive but other than that, it’s alright and doesn’t flip over. If I’m being chased by the police with a 3-star wanted level, I’m on foot and I see one, I’ll actually neglect it and find another car.

  • Polaris V8

Considered a “Pimp’s Car”, this four-door muscle car does not disappoint. New to the series of GTA, this car can get up to above average speeds, handling is quite good and does not flip over most of the time.

  • Pony

This van is not recommended for cop chases, missions or driving in general. It’s below average as this is very slow, the handling is bad and although it may not flip over, it does tend to wobble from side to side.

  • Regina

I like to consider this car as the better counterpart of the horrible Perennial. In all areas, it’s just a better car. This front looks better, the speed is better, the handling is the same and doesn’t flip over.

  • Sentinel

It’s one of the best sedans in this game. In it’s darker colored versions, it’s the ideal car for the mobster. This car can get up to high speeds, handling is a little stiff but you get used to it and doesn’t flip over that much.

  • Sentinel XS

This is the more powerful, sporty version of its brother, the Sentinel. This powerful beast can get up to quite high speeds, just like the Sentinel, the handling is stiff but can be accustomed and doesn’t flip over.

  • Stallion

This is one of the most familiar cars in the GTA history, the Stallion once again makes a return in Vice City. This car can get up to decent speeds, handling is good but some consider is too responsive and may flip over when making sharp turns at high speeds.

  • Voodoo

Again, the Voodoo makes a return to Vice City but not as a gang car. In the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, it was mainly driven by the Haitian gang but now it’s just a regular vehicle. This car can get up to decent speeds, handling is horrible and way too stiff and rarely flips. I’m also sorry to say this version of the Voodoo does not have the hop feature. Sorry.

  • Washington

Personally, this is one of my favorite sedans other than the Sentinel. Not seen on the streets of Vice City very often, this car is a pain to get your hands on if you don’t know any spawn locations. This car can get up to high speeds, handling is great but it isn’t uncommon for this car to flip on occasions.

[edit] Sports Cars

  • Banshee

This slick sports car is quite awesome. With it’s aerodynamic design and structure, it’s hard not to steal one! The Banshee can get up to very high speeds, handles extremely well and rarely flips. This car is quite the pleaser.

  • Cheetah

This personally is one of my favorite cars. This speed demon really is a cheetah. It’s so hard to resist to taking this car especially when it’s in its bright red color. This car is the fastest car in the game and is a pleasure to drift in, the handling is swell although it may get out of hand at high speeds and some have reported this car to flip over on occasions.

  • Comet

Based off of the Porsche Boxster, this is certainly a great car, especially to drift in. This can get up to really high speeds, best handling in the game and doesn’t flip over. I definitely recommend this car for drifting and other tricks.

  • Deluxo

Many would argue that this isn’t a sports care but it excels so much in the regular vehicle section, the Deluxo barely made on to the sports sections. The speed to above average, handling is fantastic and doesn’t flip.

  • Infernus

This is the second fastest car in the game and is one car you can’t fail to miss. It’s a beauty to look at and even better behind the wheel. It gets the top speed, handling may be stiff but at high speeds, the handling will alter to your liking and it’s very rare to see this car flip over as it’s wide span of a design hugs the ground.

  • Pheonix

This muscle car had sexy written all over it. With its awesome racing stripe, it’s hard to turn this car down. The speed is exceptional, just like the Infernus, the handling is stiff but may vary at high speeds and will rarely flip over.

  • Sabre

This is a fantastic muscle are. The engine is a pleasure to listen to and even better when you take it out on the road. The Sabre can get up to high speeds, fantastic handling and it’s not very often when this car flips over.

  • Sabre Turbo

And when you thought the Sabre couldn’t get any better, the Sabre Turbo exceeds in all aspects of driving compared to the regular Sabre. With its sexy racing stripe, this car gets up to incredible speeds, enough to outrun cops, the handling is great and rarely flips.

  • Stinger

Not as manly as the Sabre or the Cheetah but performance wise, it’s up there with the big boys. This convertible can get to high speeds in a short period of time, handling is more on the stiff side but it’s nothing to complain about and rarely flips over.

  • Hotring racer

This is a nice car, people say this is the fastest car in the game,but it is not.this car has good acceleration and handling too.

[edit] Recreational Vehicles

  • Bobcat

This four-wheel drive pickup truck is great if you’re the Redneck type. Not really commended for cruising the streets. This truck can get a decent speed, it’s quite responsive in terms of handling and could flip but it’s not common.

  • Boxville

It is literally a box on wheels. Don’t even bother considering driving this… thing as it is not worth your time unless you’re planning to blow it up. The speed is horrible, handling is below average and don’t be surprised if you end up crawling from under this thing as it does tend to flip.

  • Bulldozer

This machine is great for literally bulldozer traffic and rolling over parked cars or people! This vehicle won’t get you very far, handling may become unresponsive at times and rarely flips as if you end up on two wheels, the vehicle will pop you back on all fours.

  • Burrito

No, this isn’t a gang burrito like in the previous VC but it does have a pretty nifty head light set. The van won’t get you very fast or far, handling is a breeze and might flip over on occasions.

  • Linerunner

This is the ideal truck to use if you’re planning to ram through traffic or just simply drive on the second road, also known as the sidewalk! Speed is alright considering its size, handling is good and it rarely flips.

  • Mule

This is just a commercial truck/van; nothing to be excited about. This will not get you to high speeds, the handling is alright and may flip over.

  • Rumpo

This was just a pain in the butt to use during missions. I never liked getting behind the wheel of this van. This van had below average speed, OK handling and might flip.

  • Securicar

Gruup Sechs make a return, protected your money and the such with this heavy duty vehicle. Mainly used in missions, the car will get you far will an average speed, handling is good and doesn’t flip over many times.

  • Walton

Often referred to as his “daisy”, Phil Cassidy must be insane as this is no “daisy”. It’s your typical oldschool truck. It’s very school, a kind of responsive but not that bad and may flip over.

  • Yankee

Another commercial van and it does look intimidating. With its large cargo space and powerful size, it can ram through traffic easily. Don’t expect this truck to go very fast, handling is good and rarely flips.

[edit] Government Vehicles

  • Ambulance

Found only at Hospitals and when there’s been a death, this hospital on wheels is a pain to drive at high speeds. As this vehicle is meant for emergencies, it has to go fast and it does but with speed comes with uncontrollable handling and if you thought those were bad enough, trying going really fast and turning a corner! You’ll be wobbling and flipping over in the one.

VCPD Enforcer
  • VCPD Enforcer

Owned by the SWAT, the Enforcer does look enforcing! Be careful when you see these chasing you down the streets as they are hard to lose. This emergency vehicle is capable of high speeds, may get hard to control at high speeds which may cause swerving and this may flip over sometimes.

  • Fire Truck

This is a really fun vehicle to mess around with and you don’t even have to drive it to have fun. This Fire Truck is equipped with a water turret capable of drowning pedestrians! Over a period of time, this can get up to a pretty fast speed, good handling and rarely flips over.

  • Police Cruiser

Found at police stations and roaming around Vice City, these cars naturally demands respect. Well it won’t get it here because it is very hard to control. Of course, this will go quite fast and will contend will those sports cars but watch out as this cruiser has way too responsive handling and with responsive handling comes the chance of flipping over and it doesn’t disappoint. Only drive this if you have to.

  • VCPD Cheetah

This is easily one of the best government vehicles in this game. It’s pretty much like the regular Cheetah but it has a badass siren to cruise through traffic with ease. This beast can get up to incredible speeds, handling may be an issue at high speeds and may flip over on occasions.

  • VCPD Wintergreen

The reason why I like this bike is because I feel stable when I get on it. It has a lot of weight to its rear and makes it fun to ride on. This can get up to a high speed, handling is great as it grips onto the road and if you drift too far or too, don’t expect to stay on as you may fall off.

  • Police Maverick

It’s exactly like the regular Maverick except it has a cool beige paint job and the VCPD emblem on the side too. This can get at a fairly regular speed when you know how to fly it properly and when manually turning, it could get difficult.

  • Predator

This police of Vice City are looking over the water as well with this Predator. This speed boat is the perfect boat for an old school speedboat chase. It can get very fast and it’s a little too stiff.

  • Barracks OL

Found only at Fort Baxter and when you have a 6-star wanted level, this army vehicle can ram you off the road in no time. Watch out as this can up to an average speed, decent handling and rarely flips over.

  • FBI Washington

Only sighted when you have a 5-star wanted level, this is just like the regular Washington but it’s slightly faster and is equipped with a cool siren. This car is very fast, faster than the VCPD Cruiser, handling is a tad too responsive and if you turn a corner too fast, you may end up flipping over everywhere.

  • Hunter

Only available at the airport once you complete the storyline, this beast is equipped with duel rocket launchers and a chain-gun. This can get very fast and exceeds all other helicopter speeds and handling is a problem and will become difficult if you’re a first timer.

  • Patriot

Only spawns at Fort Baxter, it’s fun to drive around in this SUV as it makes you feel like you serve the army well. This wrangler can get up to above average speeds, decent handling and may flip over.

  • Rhino

This tank is one of the most fun vehicles to play around in! Infamous for its appearance when you attain 6-stars, it’s hard to get away from this one as it has a rocket-turret. This speed is slow but if turn the turret around all the way and start shooting, you’ll go faster, handling is decent and flipping never happens.

[edit] Bikes

  • BMX

Not a very useful vehicle to be in especially if you’re being chased by the police! This BMX can get up to a decent speed (considering it IS a bicycle), handling is good and you can do a hop on this!

  • BMX Girl

Just like the regular BMX, this is equipped with a lovely basket and a wonderful pink paint job.

  • Faggio

This mo-ped is nothing to get excited about unless you like being flipped off by grandmothers driving passed you. This bike has a horrible speed, decent handling and I doubt you’ll fall off this one easily. Not recommended for riding up steep hills.

  • Freeway

It’s a typical Harley and another badass bike. It’s quite secure and stable to ride on. It can get up to an above average speed and good handling.

  • PCJ-600

This bike certainly stands out and exceeds all of the categories compared to the other bikes and it’s great if you want to get to point A to point B quickly or if you just want to cruise around. Speed isn’t a problem as there is a large amount of it to your disposal, handling is great and drifting is easy to do.

  • Sanchez

Meant for rough terrain, it isn’t a pleaser in terms of looks. Quality wise, it doesn’t make an effort to be different. You could get very fast in this, handling is great and I’ve notice you don’t fall as much when you’re on this dirt bike.

  • Streetfighter

It’s more casual version of the PCJ-600 and it looks great. If you’re not going to use the PCJ-600 in racing, I definitely recommend this bike. It’s almost as fast as the PCJ, handling is incredible and easy to get used to.

  • Wintergreen

I never really liked riding this bike as it comes with some pretty ugly colors and I only ride it if I see a black variation. Otherwise, its performance is great. Going fast will take you a bit of time, handling is great become it hugs the road and it’s stable.

  • Ventoso

Not seen very often in Vice City, because you’ll only see a few riding around. Honestly, I don’t mind that this mo-ped doesn’t show up because it’s not very useful. It’s pretty much like the Faggio but with a different design and structure.

[edit] Boats

  • Dinghy

This “boat” is great if you have time to waste and you want to really, really slow. I never liked riding this as it doesn’t get you very fast and the handling is OK.

  • Jetmax

Often used in the Drug Mission, it’s great for a speed chase along the coast as it just looks good to cruise in. This will get you very fast very quick and the handling isn’t that good.

  • Jetski

For the first time in the GTA series, a Jetski makes an appearance and it with that hype, it doesn’t disappoint. This speed is incredibly fast and handling is a breeze. I definitely recommend this for doing stunts.

  • Marquis

This is the ideal boat to show off to your friends because this is the perfect luxury boat. It’s great to chill on. This won’t get fast at all and handling is stiff.

  • Reefer

Gear up your fishing poles and get your tackle boxes because you the only thing you should use this boat for is fishing. This has almost the worst speed ever and the handling is below average.

  • Rio

There’s not much to see here. This is more of a luxury then a utility boat. The speed is below average and the handling is really bad.

  • Speeder

This is one or if not the fastest boat in the game. This boat certainly lives up to its name as your hair will be flying around once you hit the throttle. The speed is fantastic and handling is good but could be a bit better.

  • Squallo

This is another great speed boat. It’s not as great as the Jetmax or Speeder but it is certainly a boat worth considering taking out to the open waters. This speed is great and the handling is pretty good.

  • Violator

Oh boy! This boat will violate the open and calm seas and this boat just rips through the water which makes riding this baby interesting. Yes, it may seem a little bulky but the speed is great and the handling is good too.

  • Yola

Do NOT take this boat a try if it’s raining and the seas are angry because it’ll make riding this a pain. This speed is below, below average and handling is good.

[edit] Choppers/Planes

  • Air Ambulance

This helicopter is the Ambulance version of the Armadillo and is found behind the Washington Beach hospital. This can get up to a decent speed and handling is OK.

  • Armadillo

Once you hop into this one, it’ll activate the mission for putting out fires across Vice City and you couldn’t have picked a better helicopter. The speed is good considering its size and handling is good.

  • Biplane

This plane is fun to play around with in the sky as it’s meant for stunting. This plane will get pretty fast and it’s quite responsive so it’s great for doing stunts.

  • Little Willie

Sure, this little helicopter may seem small and useless but it has a gun turret that will explode a car in a matter of seconds. This helicopter will get pretty quick over a period of time and handling is great.

  • Maverick

This is just your average helicopter and it’s a great alternative to driving. By riding in this, you’ll get to see the open skies. This will get pretty quick if you know how to handle helicopters well and handling is good.

  • Skimmer

This plane is for open sky chases. It’s great in the air and can also stay afloat in the water. The speed is fantastic but not as fast as the Biplane and the handling is awesome.

  • Sparrow

This helicopter is pretty much the Maverick in terms of performance. The only difference is its design and structure.

  • Sea Sparrow

This helicopter is just the sparrow but with some extra features, such as floaters instead of landing skis so you can land this copter on water. In addition it is equipped with a gun turret making this the third air transportation that can fire ammunition. This helcopter is VERY hard to find, in fact it doesn't spawn anywhere other than in missions. So if you do get a chance to use it I would highly recommend you to park it in your garage and save it.

[edit] Others

  • ATV

Yes, we’ve all had that problem will the mission “When Funday Comes” and how hard it is to beat the race. From that mission only is the ATV given a bad reputation but if you take it out for a casual ride on the beach, it is quite pleasant. This will go pretty fast, handling is good and don’t really worry about falling off but don’t be surprised if you do.

Baggage Handler
  • Baggage Handler

Mainly seen on the airport’s runways, it literally handles baggage so its nothing to be excited about. It won’t get you very fast, handles great but doesn’t damage too well.

  • Bovver '64

Available at your second island after you complete the mission “White Lies” with a certain price. This vehicle is great if you’re going to be switching from land to water quickly. This can get up to a decent speed, it’s too responsive and does flip over on occasions.

  • Flatbed

This is just a large 6-wheeler truck. I highly recommend this truck if you’re planning to ram through traffic or take revenge on pedestrians. This can go to a decent speed, handles great and don’t plan on flipping over any time soon.

  • Forklift

I am urging you to just stay away from useless piece of junk on wheels. You’re better off walking because walking is faster than is thing. Actually, going into reverse and backing up is faster than accelerating. Handling is ok and it rarely flips. Just stay away from this.

  • Splitz-6 ATV

This is certainly a very interesting variation of the ATV. This nippy vehicle is quite good and traffic and can actually drive in the water but swimming is actually faster! On the streets, the speed is good, handling is great but it does tend to wobble from side to side when you corner at high speeds.

  • Trashmaster

Found at the junkyard and sometimes roaming around Vice City, this garbage truck isn’t the ideal car… for anything. This garbage monster won’t get very fast, handling is below average and you’ll have a hard time trying to flip over this one.

  • BF Injection

Often referred as a Dune Buggy, this monstrosity was built for rough terrain and for sand. It can get up to high speeds over a period of time and handling is good but not the greatest. Watch out for those small narrow streets as this nothing but ordinary vehicle tends to driver over cars and may cause you to flip over.

  • Cabbie

This is another vehicle that certainly brings the 1980’s style to this game. This taxi cab variation can get up to below average speeds, it’s very responsive and easily flips over when you’re rushing to pick up the next fare.

  • Caddy

I only recommend the golf-cart if you’re actually going to drive it around the golf courses. Otherwise, stay away from this slow-poke. I don’t even think this cart has any speed as it goes way to slow, handling is extremely too responsive for anyone’s liking but the upside to riding this is that it barely, to never flips over because if you flip on your side, it’ll pop right back on four wheels.

  • Coach

Only used in a side mission, this large pedestrian carrier is a pain to drive around without smacking into a car or wall. With it’s length and height, no one would expect this bus to go very fast and you’re right, it doesn’t. Handling is OK if it wasn’t so big and rarely flips.

  • Taxi

There’s nothing special about these taxis. Based off of the same model as the Police Cruiser, the car gives a steady ride with a low speed, good handling a may cause flipping. There’s also an added bonus; if you complete the Taxi missions, you’ll be able to hop using hydraulics but only in the Taxi and Cabbie.

  • Stretch

This Limo variation is great if you want to feel rich but it’s not all that necessary. Although this vehicle is a symbol of the rich and famous, it’s one of the worst vehicles. It doesn’t get up to high speeds, handling is horrible as the car is extremely long and the handling is forced to be stiff and it’s rare to see this flip over.

  • Sandking

This is the ideal vehicle for cruising down the beach or driving over cars. This big vehicle is sure intimidating and does not disappoint when you’re behind the wheel. The speeds you can get up to are quite high, handling is great but again, because of it’s high suspension, flips aren’t uncommon.

  • Mr. Whoopie

ICE CREAM! No, this ice cream truck doesn’t have that catchy tune when you honk the horn but it does have a…. colorful shape and design to it. This ice cream truck won’t get very fast, it’s a little responsive which is good and doesn’t flip but I wouldn’t suggest going off-road with this.

[edit] Gang Vehicles

  • Cholo Sabre

Another variation of the badass muscle car, this Cholo Sabre does not disappoint. Driven by the dreaded Cholos gang, this car is quite pleasing to cruise in down the streets of Vice City. This muscle car can get up to high speeds, handling isn’t the best because of its responsive handling but better then most and rarely flips.

  • Gang Rancher

This is one of the most badass cars in Vice City. Mainly driven by the Shark gang, it’s a pleasure roaring down Vice with this monster. It’s faster than most average cars, handling is great but the one thing to make a note of is that the Gang Rancher does tend to flip over which makes me think twice when I’m in need of a car and I see one.

  • Biker Angel

This fantastic bike is awesome for just hitting to open road and showing off what you’re made of. This can get up to a very high speed for a bike, good handling and falling off isn’t uncommon while drifting.

  • Cuban Hermes

A variation of the regular Hermes, it’s a pleasure driving this one as the engine just roars. You’ll see this car on the streets on Little Haiti and Little Havana as the Cuban gang drives these. Speed is quite decent, the handling is quite responsive so either you hate it or you love and this car may wobble when making quick corners at high speeds so beware.

Please, if you notice any mistakes or if you wish to edit or add to any of the information above, please do so.

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