List of characters in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories


[edit] Major Characters

[edit] Vic Vance

Introduced in: Introduction

Vic Vance is the playable protagonist of the game. He also appeared in the opening cut scene of Vice City, in which he was killed, making Vic the first playable protagonist to get killed in a later game. In Vice City Stories, it's the story of Vic becoming a soldier in Fort Baxter, trying to provide for his family. But Vic is forced to do illegal activities for his commanding officer, Sargent Jerry Martinez. Because of the activities Vic was doing, he was kicked out of Fort Baxter. He helps out several characters, such as his younger brother Lance, Phil Cassidy and Ricardo Diaz. Eventually, Vic accidentally takes on the drug lords, the Mendez brothers, when he steals their drugs, mistaking it for Jerrys. Vic kills both Mendezes at the end of the game, as well as Jerry.

[edit] Lance Vance

Introduced in: Jive Drive

Lance Vance returns, last seen in the original Vice City. He arrives to Vice City to share Vics rise to power. Lance gets in contact with drug dealer Bryan Forbes, who turns out to be an undercover cop. Lance holds Bryan captive, hoping to get information on drug deals in Vice City. Bryan tricks the Vance Brothers , giving them false information, and escapes while the Vance boys were led to a white supremacist biker bar. Vic kills Forbes, but Lance wanted him alive. When Louise gets kidnapped, Lance doesn't want to help, until the Mendez brothers destroy his sports car, angering Lance and he attempts to kill the Mendez brothers, failing, requiring Vic to rescue him.

[edit] Sgt. Jerry Martinez

Introduced in: Introduction

Killed in: Last Stand

Jerry Martinez is Vics commanding officer and is one of the three antagonists of the game. He gets Vic early in the game to get marijuana for him and to find his 'girlfriend', a prostitute. Another officer gives Vic a dishonourable discharge. Jerry starts to work for the Mendez Brothers, but when a shipment is stolen, he enters witness protection, in fear he would be killed from the Mendez brothers. Despite this, he is seen in the last mission of the game on the Mendez building with Diego Mendez, attempting to kill Vic. Instead, Vic kills them both.

[edit] The Mendez Brothers

Introduced in: The Mugshot Longshot

Armando killed in: Light my Pyre

Diego killed in: Last Stand

The Mendez brothers are 2 of the 3 antagonists of the game. The Vance brothers accidentally steal the Mendez brothers shipment of drugs, mistaking it for Jerrys'. Jerry goes into hiding and Vic gives the Mendez brothers pictures of Jerry, portraying him as an undercover agent. The Mendez brothers make the Vance brothers become their 'partners', although the Mendez brothers are using them to get rid of rivals. When Vic completes the last Mendez task, they say Vic and Lance are free to go but must hand over all their businesses to the Mendez. Vic and Lance disagree and are taken to an industrial area with several gas tanks exploding. Vic uses the Mendez domestobot to bankrupt the Mendez brothers, and Armando kidnaps and kills Louise, only to get killed himself by Vic. In the last mission of the game, Vic pilots an army helicopter to attack the Mendez building, but is shot down. Vic destroys another helicopter attacking him. He heads to the roof and kills Diego and Jerry Martinez.

[edit] Ricardo Diaz

Introduced in: Steal the Deal

Ricardo returns, first seen in the original Vice City. He helps protect the Vance brothers after they mistakenly steal the Mendezes coke shipment, thinking it was Jerrys. His missions involve liquidating the Mendez brothers, such as using a domestobot to burn their bearer bonds. When Vic kills the Mendez brothers and Jerry, Diaz becomes the drug lord of Vice City, as seen 2 years later.

[edit] Louise Cassidy-Williams

Introduced in: Shakedown

Killed in: Light my Pyre

Louise is the sister of Phil Cassidy and wife of Marty J. Williams. She serves as Vics only love interest in the game, but was found by Vic in Lances apartment taking drugs. She was kidnapped by Martinez and taken to a secluded spot for Vic to find. She was kidnapped again by the Mendez brothers and was killed. Before she died, she told Vic she wants Mary-Jo, her sister, to look after her baby.

[edit] Supporting characters

[edit] Umberto Robina

Introduced in: Nice Package

Umberto returns from the original Vice City, and like his previous appearance, is obsessed about how big peoples cajones are. Umberto is the leader of the Caberones, named Cubans in Vice City, and is trying to take down the Cholos. Vic takes down the cholos and protects Umbertos father from the cholos. Umberto and Phil Cassidy helps Vic and Lance protect Vics businesses, the only time Umberto does any type of dirty work.

[edit] Phil Cassidy

Introduced in: Cleaning house

Phil Cassidy is a recurring character in the Grand Theft Auto series, only not appearing in San Andreas. Phil gives Vic his old residence near the docks and his shooting range and in return, sometime after Vice City Stories, Vic give his safehouse in Little Haiti to Phil. Phil helps Vic get an army helicopter to take down the Mendez Brothers. Phil is the only character in the series to help the protagonist rather than betray him.

[edit] Marty Jay Williams

Introduced in: Shakedown

Killed in: D.I.V.O.R.C.E

Marty Jay Williams is the leader of the Trailer Park Mafia. It dominates the poorer communities of Vice City, with criminal activities such as prostitution, loan shark and protection racket. He verbally and physically abuses his wife Louise, and she moves out. marty kidnaps Louise and intends into making her into a prostitute, but Vic stops and kills Marty before that.

[edit] Bryan Forbes

Introduced in: Money for Nothing

Killed in: The Bum Deal

Bryan Forbes, according to the Vice City Stories official website, is an undercover corrupt agent. Lance gets in contact with him when Forbes poses as a drug dealer. Lance finds out Forbes is an undercover cop. Although Forbes intention was money making, not actually busting drug traders, Lance doesn't believe him and ties Forbes up in an abandoned warehouse. Forbes escape when the Vance brothers are at a white supremasist biker bar by mistake, and Vic kills him. Lance didn't want him killed, because a large shipment of drugs was coming in that Forbes apparently knew of, although Lance finds out Jerry Martinez is behind it.

[edit] Reni Wassulmaier

Introduced in: Accidents will Happen

Leaves Vice City in: In the Air Tonight

Reni Wassulmaier is a transexual, avant-garde film director. Throughout the game, she is a male before having an operation and leaving for Europe. While in Vice City, she shoots commercials and music videos. Vic is the drug dealer for Reni. Vic is also Reni's stunt driver and stunt double for commercials. Vic also drove Reni to the hospital for her fourth sex change. Presumably after Europe, she went to Liberty City and became a DJ for Flashback FM.

[edit] Gonzalez

Introduced in: The Colonel's coke

Gonzalez is Colonel Juan Cortez's right hand man, but is very disloyal to Cortez. Vic briefly works for him, but Gonzalez stops Vic from working for him when some coke was nearly stolen by others, only to be 'rescued' by a high Vic. Diaz blackmails Gonzalez into telling him all the drug shipments organised by Cortez and Diaz would keep quiet about Gonzalez stealing small amounts of coke and making a side profit.

[edit] Phil Collins

Introduced in: Kill Phil

Singer Phil Collins is the first real-life celebrity to appear in a Grand Theft Auto game. His missions revolve around keeping Phil safe from Forelli hitmen when Phils manager failed to give a forelli member 3,000,000 pounds. In his last mission, 'in the air tonight', Vic must protect Phil while he is singing the same song as the mission. A buyable extra is to listen to Phils concert without needing to protect him.

[edit] Janet Vance

Introduced in: Snitch Hitch

Janet Vance is the mother of Vic Vance, Lance Vance and Pete Vance. She is a drug-addicted mother, and she isn t ready to grew up her children. The children grew up with their aunt, Enid. She is appeared in the mission "Snitch Hitch" and with her, is a spanish boy called Javier. She swearing she would never take drugs, but in the "Brawn of the Dead" steal with Javier, the cocaine of their sons (Vic and Lance).

[edit] Pete Vance

Mentioned in: Soldier, Last Stand

Pete Vance is the oldest brother from Vic and Lance. Pete is a man who suffers from ashtma and Victor joined in the army so he can to get money for Pete's medicine.

Before Rockstar confirms about Vic Vance's death, there were rumors that Pete has died in the Introduction of GTA: Vice City, but Rockstar said, finally Vic was dead.

[edit] Mary-Jo Cassidy

Mary-Jo, is the obese sister of both Phil Cassidy and Louise Cassdy-Williams. Louise moves in with her after leaving Marty, and Mary-Jo is the first person to come to Vic for help when Louise is kidnapped by Marty and later Armando Mendez. After Louise's death, Mary-Jo takes care about Louise' baby.

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