List of characters in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


[edit] Auntie Poulet

Introduced in: Juju Scramble (Auntie Poulet)

Last seen in: Dirty Lickin's (Auntie Poulet)

Auntie Poulet (born 1900), is the leader of the Haitians, whom the player will work for later on in the game. Since the Cubans are the main rivals of the Haitians, her missions will involve the player destroying them. The voice-actress who plays Auntie Poulet is Youree Cleomili Harris, AKA Miss Cleo.

[edit] Avery Carrington

Introduced in: Riot (Ken Rosenberg)

Last seen in: Shakedown (Tommy Vercetti)

Avery is big into property and real-estate ownership. His missions involve either taking out rival businesses or other real-estate owners. If you played GTA 3, you may recognize his understudy as Donald Love, before he became the tycoon that he was. Some quotes that Avery says, you hear Donald say in GTA 3. Nice attention to detail there. If you ever hear one of Avery's ads on the radio, be sure to call the number for more information. Avery is voiced by the man himself, Burt Reynolds.

[edit] Big Mitch Baker

Introduced in: Alloy Wheels of Steel (Big Mitch Baker)

Last seen in: Hogtied (Big Mitch Baker)

Mitch (born 1949), is the leader of the biker gang that hangs out at the Greasy Chopper. The player will need his help as security later on in the game for a band called Love Fist. This is probably a reference to when the Hells Angels were hired to work security at a concert for the Rolling Stones. Lee Majors does his voice.

[edit] BJ Smith

Only seen in: Cutscene of Tommy buying Sunshine Autos off BJ (Sunshine Autos)

BJ Parker Smith ( born january 1954),Former football star of the Vice City Mambas, BJ is now the owner of his own used car shop, which Tommy can purchase later on in the game. BJ Smith is voiced by Lawrence Taylor, a real former football star.

[edit] Cam Jones

Introduced in: No Escape? (Malibu Club)

Can be killed in: The Job (Malibu Club)

Very late into the game, Cam Jones becomes a member of Tommys crew to help out on a bank robbery. His specialty is cracking open safes. In The Job, Cam can be killed by Tommy or the SWAT while escaping. He is voiced by Greg Sims.

[edit] Candy Suxxx

Introduced in: Recruirment Drive (Interglobal Films)

Last seen in: G-Spotlight (Interglobal Films)

Candy Suxxx, a former prostitute, and one whom Congressman Alex Shrub likes to get it on with, later on in the game becomes a famous porn star when Tommy enlists her in one of his movies when Tommy buys the film studio. She is voiced by one of the most successful women in the porn industry, Jenna Jameson.

[edit] Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez

Introduced in: The Party (Ken Rosenberg)

Last seen in: All Hands on Deck! (Colonel Cortez)

Tommy will visit Juan Cortez many times on his huge yacht out by the docks. He likes to throw parties for the shady or the famous, and has a gorgeous daughter who Tommy will become acquainted with named Mercedes. Juan is voiced by Robert Davi.

[edit] Congressman Alex Shrub

Introduced in: The Party

Can be heard on: VCPR

Last seen in: martha's Mug Shot

The right-winged state congressman of Vice City (and the youngest in it's history) Alex Shrub can be seen a lot with Candy Suxxx, even though he has a wife named Laura. It is believed that Congressman Alex Shrub is based off of a mix of George W. and Jeb Bush combined. Reasons this is perceived is Alex's last name, Shrub (which is also one of George's nicknames), his wife's name is Laura, which is also the same as George's wife. Also, Vice City is located in Florida, whom Jeb Bush is governor of. Alex is voiced by Chris Lucas.

[edit] Hilary King

Introduced in: The Driver (Malibu Club)

Killed in: the Job (Malibu Club)

Hilary (born 1967), is a driver Tommy meets later on in the game, that Tommy needs for a mission. He has some serious mental issues, a lot of which involve his mother, but he also provides one of the hardest and most frustrating missions in the game. He makes Tommy race him, and Tommy has to beat him in order for him to work for Tommy. Hilary is voiced by Charles Tucker.

[edit] Ken Rosenberg

Introduced in: Introduction

Last seen in: Keep your friends close... (Tommy Vercetti)

Tommys 'buddy' from the very beginning of the game, and luckily enough, a shady lawyer, Ken Rosenburg can get Tommy out of jail no matter the crime. If you are fan of Carlito's Way, you may instantly recognize him as a copy of Sean Penn's character David Kleinfeld. Ken is voiced by William Fichtner.

[edit] Kent Paul

Introduced in: Back Street Brawl (Ken Rosenberg)

Last seen in: Spilling the Beans (Printworks)

Paul (born 1951) gave everybody their first look into the world of Vice City, when Rockstar released, where Paul talked about all kinds of miscellaneous topics regarding the Miami-based city. Paul has the role as manager to the hit band Lovefist, and likes to frequent the Malibu night club. He is voiced by Danny Dyer.

[edit] Lance Vance

Introduced in: Back Street Brawl (Ken Rosenberg)

Killed in: Keep your friends close... (Tommy Vercetti)

Lance Vance, drug dealer and soon to be partner of Tommy Vercetti, seeks revenge for the death of his brother. He will sometimes join Tommy on missions (a lot of the funner ones too) and becomes a trusted friend of Tommy through his actions. Lance is voiced by Miami Vice star Philip Michael Thomas.

[edit] Love Fist

Introduced in: Love Juice (Love Fist)

Last seen in: Publicity Tour (Love Fist)

An extremely (yet dirty) famous Scottish rock band, Love Fist can be heard being interviewed on K-Chat, or being heard on V-Rock when their songs are played. The band members include: Jezz Torrent - Vocals Percy - Guitar Dick - Bass Willy - Drums Their manager is Kent Paul. Some albums that they have released are: Dogs On Heat Fat Chicks All Day All Night Devil's Own Band The Number Of The Breasts And some song titles of theirs include: A Broken Heart Can't Be Mended (Just Broken Again) Beast Fist Burry Me Deep Inside Dangerous Bastard Dangerous Man, Dead Family Down, Down, Down Dragon Eyes Chin Twister Fallen Stars On Shattered Dreams In The Rain Fist Till Morning Fist Fury Four Boys Against Your Face Liver Buster Stone Cold Prostate Take It On The Chin The Four Scottish Horsemen Of The Apocalyse Zinc Defficiency Although only two of them are real, which are "Dangerous Bastard" and "Fist Fury", both of which can be heard on V-Rock. Tommy helps them with a concert later on in the game. Love Fist is a fictional rock band made up solely for the purpose of this game. Jezz Torrent is played by Kevin McKidd. Percy is played by Paul Mackie (who is also one of the musicians and writers for the fictional band). Dick is played by John Ritchie. Willy is played by Mark Hanlon.

[edit] Mercedes Cortez

Introduced in: The Party (Ken Rosenberg)

Last seen in: Recruitment drive (Interglobal Films)

Mercedes is Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez' daughter. A couple of missions involve her, but besides that, she is not a major character. She does eventually go into the porn industry though. Mercedes Cortez is voiced by Fairuza Balk.

[edit] Pastor Richards

Only seen in: The Party (Ken rosenberg)

Can be heard in: VCPR

Pastor Richards is an insane preacher absolutely obsessed with money, whose main goal is to build a rocket ship that he would charge the rich to go on to leave the planet. The player can hear him talking about his goals on the radio, and when you hear his phone number, be sure to call it for some more information.

[edit] Phil Cassidy

Introduced in: The Shootist (Malibu Club)

Last seen in: Boomshine Saigon (Phil Cassidy)

A firearms expert, Phil Cassidy is met later in the game when Tommy needs him for a specific mission. You may recognize him in GTA3, but with one arm. You find out what happened to it in Vice City. Phil is voiced by Gary Busey.

[edit] Ricardo Diaz

Introduced in: Guardian Angels (Colonel Cortez)

Killed in: Rub Out (Ricardo Diaz)

Drug money is what helps this man get rich. Tommy first meets him after hunting down some Haitians during a drug deal gone awry. He likes Tommys talent, and tells him to drop by his mansion for some work. He is voiced by Luis Guzman.

[edit] Sonny Forelli

Introduced in: Introduction

Killed in: Keep your friends close... (Tommy Vercetti)

Sonny, head of the Forelli Mafia family, sends Tommy out on a drug deal in the very beginning of the game. He ends up becoming the antagonist of the game. It does not work out as planned, and everything is lost. Tommy escapes, only to have Sonny get pissed off at him and tell him to retrieve the goods, no matter what the cost. This begins the game. Sonny is voiced by Tom Sizemore.

[edit] Steve Scott

Introduced in: The Party (Ken Rosenberg)

Last seen in: G-Spotlight (Interglobal Films)

Steve Scott 2002 Global spas is conocut and is a director for the company Interglobal Films, which becomes available as purchasable property later in the game. When Tommy buys it, he are given the task to do missions that bring you closer to filming a successful porno. This is where Candy Suxxx comes into play. Steve is voiced by Dennis Hopper.

[edit] Tommy Vercetti

Introduced in: Introduction

The playable protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, is just recently being released out of jail after 15 years from Liberty City. Sonny Forelli gets Tommy back into the underworld of crime, and sends him on a drug deal mission gone awry at the beginning of the game. Tommy then has to fix the situation, and decides to build his own criminal empire. Tommy is voiced by Ray Liotta.

[edit] Umberto Robina

Introduced in: Stunt Boat Challenge (Umberto Robina)

Last seen in: Trojan Voodoo (Umberto Robina)

Leader of the Cuban's, Umberto wants to have a full scale war to finally eliminate their main rival, the Haitians. When he meets Tommy, he enlists his help for this incredible task and they quickly become friends. Umberto is voiced by Danny Trejo.

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