List of characters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The following is a list of characters found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


[edit] Beverly Johnson

Mentioned in: Introduction

The mother of CJ, Sweet and Kendl. CJ is back in town to pay his respects at her funeral.

[edit] Brian Johnson

Mentioned in: Introduction

The younger brother of CJ And Sweet who died in a tragic accident. His death was blamed on CJ and is the reason he left for Liberty City five years earlier.

[edit] Carl Johnson

Introduced in: Introduction

The protagonist of the game who is your playable character. After spending 5 years in Liberty City, estranged from the family because of the death of your little brother five years earlier, you come back to San Andreas to pay respects to your Mother who was murdered. He reunites with his family but he doesn't really want to be sucked back into the gang life.

[edit] Cesar Vialpando

Introduced in: Cesar Vialpando

Last seen in: Los Desperados

This is the guy we first saw in some of the concept art. Cesar is a member of one of Grove Street's rival gangs, the Vagos, and a long time friend of CJ. What is worse though, is that he is dating Sweet's and CJ's sister, Kendl. This just adds on to the tension between her and Sweet.

[edit] Salvatore Leone

Introduced in: Freefall

Making an appearance from GTA III, a client of the ex-lawyer Ken Rosenburg.

[edit] Emmet

Only seen in: Nines and AKs

Emmet owns the local gun stash for the Grove Street Families. He can be seen when you and Big Smoke go visit him early on in the storyline. Be sure to visit him if you ever need a pistol early in the game.

[edit] Frank Tenpenny & Eddie Pulaski

Introduced in: Introduction

Frank Tenpenny killed in: End of the Line

Eddie Pulaski killed in: High Noon

These two corrupt cops are the main antagonists of the game. They first meet up with our main character in the opening cutscene of the game. They are behind the framing of CJ for a murder and they're ready to split up the Grove Street Families by any means necessary. As CJ arrives at the airport, they are there waiting. They decide to take him to a rival gang's turf and throw him out of the car, leaving him surrounded. They actually remember CJ from his early stay in Juvenile Hall. These two corrupt cops are one of the three that form the C.R.A.S.H team.

[edit] Grove Street Families

Introduced in: Introduction

Big Smoke killed in: End of the Line

Ryder killed in: Pier 69

This is the gang you are part of. You can take over areas of the map with them. The members include:

  1. Carl Johnson
  2. Sean "Sweet" Johnson
  3. Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris
  4. Lance "Ryder" Wilson
  5. Mark "B-Dup" Wayne
  6. OG "Jeffery" Loc
  7. And many minor characters

[edit] Hernandez

Introduced in: Introduction

Killed in: High Noon

The Mexican lesser known cop that rolls with Tenpenny & Pulaski. Eventually he is hit with a shovel then shot by Tenpenny and Pulaski- the crooked cops, and does not play a major part in the story. Unlike Pulaski and Tenpenny, Hernandez is clean.

[edit] Ken Rosenberg

Introduced in: Don Peyote

The paranoid ex-lawyer from Vice City now owns Caligula's Casino on The Strip in Las Venturas. He's just left rehab.

[edit] Kendl Johnson

Introduced in: Sweet & Kendl, CJ and Sweet's sister. After the murder of her mother things are tense between her and brother Sweet, adding to the Family's inner conflict. Kendl johnson was born May 13, 1971

[edit] Kent Paul

Introduced in: Don Peyote

An English character known from his days in Vice City, where he looked a little sharper than he does in San Andreas. He is the drinking buddy of Maccer and is also seen for the last time in the mission 'Marco's Bistro'. He has a more important reference in Vice City though.

[edit] Ryder

Introduced in: Sweet & Kendl

Killed in: Pier 69

Another one of CJ's very good friends, he is considered to be the loose cannon of the gang. He has a short fuse and is reputed to have a pretty big mean streak.

[edit] Maccer

Introduced in: Don Peyote

A drunk English guy along with Kent Paul. We see him for the last time in the mission 'Marco's Bistro'. He does not play a major part in the story but is still a recognised character for his hygiene and drinking problems.

[edit] Madd Dogg

Introduced in: Madd Dogg

Madd Dogg is a rapper who has alcohol and cocaine problems. He lives in a mansion in Mulholland, Los Santos. Madd Dogg is in no way involved with any of the Los Santos street gangs.and you get to keep his mansion in a mission

[edit] Mark Wayne

Introduced in: Cleaning the hood

Mark "B-Dup" Wayne lives over in Ganton, Los Santos. B-Dup is the current talk of the rest of the gang with rumors about the kidnapping of other friends. Seems to be quite a sketchy character.

Introduced in: Big Smoke

Killed in: End of the Line

Smoke is one of the main members of the OG Families and is a long time family friend to the Johnson's. He lives in a small home in Idlewood, Los Santos. He is a big man and an integral part of the Grove Street Families.

[edit] Mike Forelli

Introduced in: Saint Mark's Bistro

Killed in: Mike Lips Last Lunch (Grand Theft Auto III)

He is the main enemy in the mission 'Marco's Bistro' and this is his only appearance in San Andreas. He is eventually dealt with in GTA 3 in the mission 'Mike Lips Last Lunch' where Claude puts a bomb in his car and assassinates him.

[edit] OG Loc

Introduced in: OG Loc

Last seen in: Cut Throat Business

Hardly a gangsta, he's known for his (stolen) rap music, nothing more.

[edit] Old Reece

Old Reece is the barber where you can go and get a different style haircut, and the first one you meet on the day you hang out with Ryder. Reece's hairstyles include: Jheri curls An Afro A flattop and many more combinations involving beards, goatees, and mustaches.

[edit] Sean Johnson

Introduced in: Introduction

Last seen in: End of the Line

Carl's older brother who blames Carl for the death of their younger brother Brian. The rift between them is only beginning to heal when the game begins. Sweet has a Leadership position in the gang in CJ's absence.

[edit] The Truth

Introduced in: Body Harvest

Last seen in: End of the Line

The Truth is a drug growing hippie who thinks he knows all the government conspiracies. He calls in to the WCTR 'Area 53' several times throughout the game claiming to know everything about aliens and other suspicious things. Carl takes several missions from The Truth. Tenpenny is also a regular visitor to The Truth, seen smoking drugs.

[edit] Wu Zi Mu

Introduced in: Wu Zi Mu

Last seen in: Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

Also known as "Woozie," this blind Triad and leader of The Mountain Cloud Boys owns the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.

[edit] Zero

First seen in: Air raid

Zero owns a RC shop and CJ can optionally buy the RC shop and take missions from Zero. He also helps CJ break the Caligula bank and rob several cars for CJ's shop called Wang Cars. His main nemesis is another RC enthusiast named Berkley.

List of pedestrians:

  • SOFYRI Suzi Lin
  • SWMYRI Suzi's husband
  • BFYRI Natalie
  • OMYRI Natalie's husband
  • WFYRI Vinewood girl
  • HMYRI Vinewood guy

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