List of characters in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


[edit] 8-Ball

Introduced in: No Money Mo' Problems cutscene (8-Ball)

Last seen in: Bringing the house down (8-Ball)

Liberty’s trusted Bomb Expert. Can rig you up with anything from a simple car bomb to something big enough to flatten a whole area of a city ready for new construction to begin…

[edit] Avery Carrington

Introduced/ Killed in: Panatlantic Land Grab (Donald Love)

Last seen in: Morgue Party Rusurrection (Donald Love)

Avery Carrington, Donald Love’s mentor back in the Vice City days is in Liberty. Avery is looking for opportunities for the Panlantic Corporation to start a property boom here. Love however, plans otherwise.

[edit] Donald Love

Introduced in: Morgue Party Canditate (Donald Love)

Leaves Liberty City in: Love on the run

Donald Love has come a long way since we last saw him in San Andreas, once the lap dog sidekick of property tycoon, Avery Carrington, Love now runs the extremely successful, Love Media. Love Media runs the majority of radio stations in Liberty City including Double Cleff FM and Head Radio. Donald has mayoral ambitions in the city following the demise of Mayor Hole.

[edit] Father Ned

Introduced in: L.C. Confidential (Church confessional)

Killed in (as Ned Burner): Stop the Press! (Donald Love)

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. Father Ned needs you! To do God’s dirty work. The Church has problems and you can help, make it all go away for eternal salvation. His alter-ego is Ned Burner, ace reporter.

[edit] Giovanni Casa

Introduced in: Snappy dresser (Ma Cipriani)

Killed in: Dead Meat (Ma Cipriani)

Casa is the local Portland butcher, and is admired as a real man by Ma Cipriani. However he has some dark secrets which Toni endeavors to expose…

[edit] J.D. O'Toole

Introduced in: Bone Voyeur! (JD O'Toole)

Killed in: The Made Man (JD O'Toole)

J.D. O'Toole owns Paulie's Revue Bar, a seedy downtown bar. O'Toole is a hustler for the Sindacco family but is itching to defect to the Leone Family. His dream is to become a Made Man for the Leones.

[edit] Jane Hopper

Introduced in: The Offer (Salvatore Leone)

Last seen in: Rollercoaster Ride (Salvatore Leone)

Jane Hopper is the union boss in Liberty City, she cares more for her wealth than the welfare of her workers, and will gladly use her power to gain money even if the effect is negative for those who trust her.

[edit] Kazuki Kasen

First mentioned in: More deadly than male (Toshiko Kasen)

Introduced/ Killed in: Cash in Kazuki's chips (Toshiko Kasen)

Kazuki Kasen is the older brother of Kenji and leader of the Yakuza gang. He is married to Toshiko although he spends more time with his male Yakuza friends than her...

[edit] Leon McAffrey

Introduced in: Sayonara Sindaccos (Leon McAffrey)

Last seen in: Munitons Dump (Leon McAffrey)

Bent cops? In Liberty City? Well I never. McAffrey is Salvatore’s man on the inside of the LCPD, and he’s not the most savoury of characters. Constantly makes fun of his as of yet, un-corrupted partner, a certain, Ray Machowski.

[edit] Ma Cipriani

Introduced in: Snappy Dresser (Ma Cipriani)

Last seen in: No Son of Mine (Ma Cipriani)

Toni’s loving and caring ma is never proud of her son. He’s not a real man yet, not like that lovely Giovanni Casa. In fact, she believes Toni is so little of a man that she orders a hit on him to finish him off!

[edit] Maria Leone

Introduced in: Shop 'til you Strop (Maria Leone)

Last seen in: Overdose of trouble (Maria Leone)

Maria is looking to make moves onto Toni, but Toni is apprehensive for obvious reasons, she is the boss's girl after all..

[edit] Massimo Torini

Introduced in: Calm before the Storm (JD O'Toole)

Killed in: The Sicilian Gambit (Salvatore Leone)

The antagonist of the game is the leader of the Sicillian Mafia, trying to broker peace between the Leones and the Sindaccos. Unfortunately it seems he has another agenda on his mind involving the Diablos and Triads…

[edit] Ned Burner

Introduced in (as Father Ned): L.C. Confessional (Church confessional)

Killed in: Stop the Press! (Donald love)

Ned, Ned? Now where have I seen that name before? Ned Burner is a reporter for the Liberty Tree Newspaper, and he’s not averse to creating some news of his own just for that all important scoop. He also tells Toni Cipriani to cause chaos disguised as a priest.

[edit] One Armed Phil Cassidy

Only seen in: More deadly than male (Toshiko Kasen)

Phil makes a welcome return as the one armed, “ex military”, self proclaimed, heavy weapons expert. Phil owns the Fully Cocked gun shop where you can find the game’s bigger weapons.

[edit] Paulie Sindacco

Introduced in: Taking the Peace (Salvatore Leone)

Killed in: Dead Reckoning (Salvatore Leone)

Paulie Sindacco leads the Liberty City arm of the Sindacco Mafia Family. He has gained the nickname, "The Invisible Don" due to the fact he is barely in the city. Those who do not bid as he pleases quickly find themselves at the bottom of a river, with a nice pair of concrete shoes.

[edit] R.C. Hole

Introduced/ Killed in: A Walk in the park (Salvatore Leone)

The soon to be former Mayor of Liberty is about as corrupt as they come, he’s been under the thumb of too many gangs to remember in the past, and now it’s catching up on him.

[edit] Salvatore Leone

Introduced in: Introduction

Last seen in: The Sicilian Gambit (Salvatore Leone)

Salvatore Leone is the Don of the Leone Family. With Toni's help the Leone Family will be taking over Liberty once again. Constantly under attack from corrupt politicians and rival gangs, the job won’t be easy.

[edit] Toni Cipriani

Introduced in: Introduction

You may remember receiving missions in Grand Theft Auto 3 from a slightly overweight Italian man from his Mama's restaurant, well this time, you are that guy! Toni Cipriani is the playable protagonist and he has returned to Liberty City after going into hiding following the killing of a made man. Toni works for Salvatore to help keep the streets of Liberty City under the control of the Leone Family Mafia.

[edit] Toshiko Kasen

Introduced in: More deadly than male (Toshiko Kasen)

Committed Suicide in: Cash in Kazuki's chips (Toshiko Kasen)

Wife of big time Yakuza boss Kazuki Kasen, she harbours deep resentment against her husband after he fails to treat her well. She will do anything to bring him down.

[edit] Vincenzo Cilli

Introduced in: Slacker (Vincenzo Cilli)

Killed in: The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade (Vincenzo Cilli)

Vincenzo Cilli is the fast rising star of the Leone Family. Once the guy getting drinks from the bar, Vinny is soon to be consigliere and is put in charge of Toni upon his return to Liberty City. Enjoys plenty of “friendly” banter with Toni.

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