List of Weapons in Grand Theft Auto


[edit] Flamethrower

Max Ammo-99 Rounds. This baby of a weapon will take out almost anything with ease and is great against cops, civilians and vehicles. Unfortunately it has the disadvantage of a small firing range, but it does wonders for your points.

[edit] Machine Gun

Max Ammo-99 rounds. 10 bullets per round. You won't find loads of these, but when you do it's worth having. The firing speed is really fast and it can stop most things dead in their tracks in just a few short seconds. Much better for using than the pistol.

[edit] Pistol

Max Ammo- 99 bullets Pretty useless for taking out anything other than civillians and it won't get you very far, but if it's all you've got then you'll have to stick with it. It's got slow fire and it's really boring. The colt-python is a lot more powerful and is fairly better.

[edit] Rocket Launcher

Max Ammo-99 Rockets The ultimate weapon in GTA. Almost anything can be taken out in one with this and that includes you so you will have to be careful where you aim it or you could just end up wasted.

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