List of Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto

Most vehicles will fall into similar classes and have similar characteristics to other vehicles. For example, sporty cars have good high speed and are good for moving places quickly. Vans, Bank Vans, Limousines and Buses will be needed if you have to transport a group of people somewhere. Another thing vehicles are useful for is crushing for money and powerups. Unless the vehicle is too heavy (like a Bank Van) or too long (like a Bus or Limo) then it can be crushed. What you get varies from vehicle to vehicle and is indicated in the table below. Non-gang versions of most gang vehicles exist, but they are very rarely seen, so the gang version has been listed below. Also some vehicles may give out a different powerup when crushed on different maps. Many vehicles come in different colours and some will appear in special colours (such as a black van) in special missions, they can't be spray painted that colour.

Name of Vehicle Image
Crusher Reward<tbody>
A Type<img src="">Fast Reload
Aniston BD4r<img src="">Get Out of Jail Free Card
Arachnid<img src="">Shotgun/Machine Gun
Armed Land Roamer<img src="">Machine Gun
B Type<img src="">Invulnerability/Invisibility
Beamer<img src="">Flamethrower
Benson<img src="">Electro Fingers
Big Bug<img src="">Machine Gun/Armour
Box Truck<img src="">N/A
Bug<img src="">Machine Gun
Bulwak<img src="">Shotgun
Bus<img src="">N/A
Cop Car<img src="">Cop Bribe
Dementia<img src="">Invisibility
Eddy<img src="">Machine Gun
Fire Truck<img src="">N/A
Furore GT<img src="">Fast Reload
G4 Bank Van<img src="">N/A
Garbage Truck<img src="">N/A
Hachura<img src="">Rocket Launcher
Hot Dog Van<img src="">N/A
Ice Cream Van<img src="">N/A
Jagular XK<img src="">Electro Gun
Jefferson<img src="">Get Out of Jail Free Card
Karma Bus<img src="">N/A
Land Roamer<img src="">Invulnerability
Maurice<img src="">Machine Gun/Health
Medicar<img src="">N/A
Meteor<img src="">Invulnerability
Miara<img src="">Rocket Launcher
Michelli Roadster<img src="">Machine Gun
Minx<img src="">Electro Fingers/Flamethrower
Morton<img src="">Get Out of Jail Free Card
Pacifier<img src="">N/A
Panto<img src="">Grenades
Pickup<img src="">Health
Romero<img src="">Armour/Molotov Cocktails
Rumbler<img src="">Fast Reload
Schmidt<img src="">Health/Machine Gun
Shark<img src="">Molotov Cocktails/Rocket Launcher
Special Agent Car<img src="">Respect
Sports Limousine<img src="">N/A
Spritzer<img src="">Molotov Cocktails
Stinger<img src="">Electro Fingers
Stretch Limousine<img src="">N/A
SWAT Van<img src="">N/A
T Rex<img src="">Electro Gun
Tank<img src="">N/A
Taxi<img src="">Double Damage
Taxi Express<img src="">Double Damage
Trance AM<img src="">Flamethrower
Truck Cab<img src="">N/A
Truck Cab SX<img src="">N/A
TV Van<img src="">N/A
U Jerk Truck<img src="">Machine Gun
Van<img src="">N/A
Wellard<img src="">Respect
Z Type<img src="">Silenced Machine Gun

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