Leone Family Mafia

Leone Family Mafia

[edit] History

The Leone Family Mafia are one of the five Mafia families of "The Commission" in Liberty City. They are headed by Don Salvatore Leone, and deal in protection rackets, prostitution and various other illegal activities. Their biggest rivals in Liberty City are the Forrellis' or the Sindaccos'.

Don Salvatore Leone

[edit] Grand Theft Auto III

The Leone Family Mafia gives you your first set of missions in Grand Theft Auto III. These missions vary wildly from driving, assassinations, and destruction. Their most important contributions to the story are the missions where you destroy the Triads, destroy the Colombian Cartel Spank boat, and when Salvatore betrays you.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

The Leone Family appear in Liberty City Stories as well, with the game's protagonist, Toni Cipriani, having to work his way up the ranks to eventually become the Salvatore's right-hand man, and the highest ranking Capo in the Family.

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