Leone Family

Leone Family gang members
Leone gang GTA III.jpg
(Former) LeaderSalvatore Leone
High ranking family membersVincenzo Cilli,Toni Cipriani
First appearedGTA III
Last appearedLiberty City Stories
Rival gangsForellis, Sindaccos, Diablos, Triads, Sicilians
Allied withJD O'Toole, Miles O'Donovan (mayor of Liberty City)
Family destroyed byClaude


[edit] About

The Leone Family is a family that is based in Portland. It is led by Salvatore Leone, who lives in a mansion on the east side of Portland. The Leone family deals in prostitution (through Luigi's club), protection rackets, taking out rival gangs and other activities.

[edit] Major members of the family

[edit] Salvatore Leone

Main article: Salvatore Leone
Don Salvatore Leone

First appeared in: Introduction (Liberty City Stories)

Reintroduced in: Salvatore's called a meeting (GTA III)

Killed in: Sayonara Salvatore

Also seen in: Freefall (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Salvatore is the former leader of the Leone family. In his appearance in Liberty City Stories, Salvatore is always planning on revenge on his rival gang members. Savatore also gets jailed, but is let go on bail. Toni and Salvatore helped rescue the mayor from the scheming Massimo Torini, caporegime of the Sicilian Mafia. At the end of the game, it's revealed that Salvatore's elderly uncle was the Don of the Sicilian Mafia and agrees to go back to Sicily. In Grand Theft Auto III, Salvatore at first helps Claude with work in Portland, but beause of his distrustful nature, from being betrayed by Carl Johnson, who robbed his bank in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, betrays Claude by sending him to a car rigged with explosives (unknown to Claude), but Maria sends a pager telling Claude that it's a trap. Maria and Claude meet up with co-leader of the Yakuza, Asuka Kasen. She tells Claude to kill Salvatore to show he has broken ties with the Leone Mafia, leading to the Leone mafia to be destroyed.

[edit] Toni Cipriani

Main article: Toni Cipriani
GTA III Toni Cipriani.jpg

Introduced in: Introduction (Liberty City Stories)

Last seen in: Blow Fish (Toni Cipriani)

Toni is the main protagonist of Liberty City Stories and is a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto III. In Liberty City Stories, Toni has returned to Liberty City from killing a made man and going into hiding. After his arrival, he is provided a place to stay and starts working for several people, such as Leon McAffrey, Salvatore Leone and Donald Love. At the end, he helps Donald Love get to the airport from the Colombian Cartel, protects Salvatore from the Sicilians, then takes out their caporegime. Throughout the storyline, Toni is constantly told that he looks too skinny and needs to eat more by Ma Cipriani and even Salvatore Leone. In Grand Theft Auto III, Toni has been listening to the advice and has gained weight. HIs missions mainly revolve around trying to destroy a factory that belongs to the Triads.

[edit] Vincenzo Cilli

Main article: Vincenzo Cilli
Vincenzo Cilli.jpg

Introduced in: Home Sweet Home

Killed in: The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

Vincenzo is a Leone member that only appears in Liberty City Stories. He was caporegime during the time Toni went into hiding for killing a made man. When Toni returned to Liberty City, Vincenzo sees Toni as a threat to his job and tries to Toni arrested by the police and get Toni killed from Vincenzo-loyal Leone members wielding chainsaws. He eventually gets killed by Toni when he kills all of Vincenzo's henchmen and decides to kill Toni himself, failing.

[edit] Luigi Goterelli

Main article: Luigi Goterelli
Gta3 character luigi 02.jpg

Introduced in: Luigi's Girls

Last seen in: Salvatore's called a meeting

Luigi is a minor character and owns a club called Sex Club 7. He provides fairly simple missions for Claude because he has the first missions of the game and they serve as an introduction to the basics of the 3D Grand Theft Auto games. His club was first seen under the ownership of JD O'Toole in Liberty City Stories before he gets killed and the club falls into the hands of the Leone Family.

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